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Simple Energy Practices for vibrant health and wholeness

Royal Hummingbird Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Practices

Peruvian Shamanism – Royal Hummingbird

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Yoga Day International

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BELIEFS Holding You Back from Change in Your Life?

Trickster Medicine Event free Replay

Trickster Medicine for your liberation – Caroline Casey event

23 January 2016

Shape-shift your way into wild creativity & world-changing solutions Are you ready to break out of stagnant old realities and shape-shift your way into ever-more freedom and wild creativity? Well, then its time for the Trickster to work its magic in your life and turn you into the enlightened change agent you were meant to […]

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mind miracles

Everything is possible? Let Your mind make miracles

02 December 2015

Ever since I was a kid, my parents always told me I’d never amount to anything. They always compared me to my older sister Dana, who painted the prettiest pictures in kindergarten, got perfect grades in high school, graduated with the highest honors from Harvardall that jazz. I thought these comparisons would end after we […]

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Entering new level of “Shared Consciousness”

01 December 2016

Experience Awakening with Others Are you ready for a paradigm shift in your spiritual practice one that takes you beyond your sometimes isolating solo practice into a living, evolving field of mutual awakening? For too long weve fixated on individual growth, much to the detriment of learning to live and grow in a larger field […]

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Connect Your Oversoul – Advanced Shamanic Practices

01 December 2016

Ancient practice to enter the state of “Higher Self” forguidance and healing, connecting helping spirits in otherrealms. What if you could discover time-tested shamanic journeying practices from ancient and traditional lineages and journey to connect with the Oversoul of your Higher Self as a portal to higher dimensions of consciousness? Its a fascinating possibility! If […]

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Tree of Life – 10 Divine Energies Activation

12 November 2016

You’ve probably seen pictures of the Tree of Life, presented here by Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, also known by any other ancient mystical traditions of the whole world, symbolizing the Cosmos, the Universe or Creation in macrocosm as well as any microcosm, for example the human body…   While it might at first […]

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Alternate States of Consciousness Access

05 November 2016

Discover the Way of the Psychonaut Are you called to adventure beyond your ordinary mind to pioneer a new understanding of life one more deeply connected to the cosmos? Have you been intrigued by, or perhaps even experienced firsthand, how the power of altered states, including shamanic consciousness, can transform your life? If so, you […]

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Woman Relationship Advice

07 October 2016

Why a good man is easy to find Are you a woman who, despite years of personal growth, is still perplexed by men and the ways they think and behave? Do you fear that the right man who will honor your strength, wisdom and beauty may not exist? Or that the man youre with now […]

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Discover How to Write, Publish & Promote Your Book

18 September 2016

Do you have a book inside you? An important message to share with the world? Your story has the power to transform lives… However, writing a book is no small task! (Let alone publishing and promoting it!) Whether you… Dream of becoming an author, but are stuck in the process of actually getting your book […]

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18 September 2016

Liberate Your Highest Purpose! How to change your life? What is the purpose of life?To Answer these questions you have to determine what holds you back… Most of us hold ourselves back from FULLY living our highest purpose If you could dissolve whatever that is for you the fears the resistance the old wounds. would […]

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Feminine Life Force Sacred Power

13 September 2016

Are you longing to liberate a more deeply feminine YOU? The truth is that when you fully embrace the passionate feminine energy within your Shakti the result is a more fulfilling life! You can begin to tap this sacred power that courses through your veins, expands your heart, and enhances your sexuality when you join […]

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Need Medium or Psychic? – Shaman Journey to Afterlife Realms

04 September 2016

Communicating with the departed (dead) &Make Death your Ally! Did you know that through the practice of shamanic journeying in your dreams, you can receive higher guidance from the other side thats precisely attuned to what needs attention, nurturance, love and healing in your life right now? Yes, you can embark upon these voyages in […]

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How to Write a Book – Creative Writing Practice by SARK

28 August 2016

Ever wondered how to write a book? Get the scoop on more joy-filled writing straight from SARK Do you long toliberate your authentic writing voice and develop a more joyful and productive writing practice? If so, Ive got good news. We know someone who knows thesecrets to liberating this truest voice with ease and joy. […]

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