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woman relationship with man expert advice

Woman Relationship Advice

Why a good man is easy to find

Are you a woman who, despite years of personal growth, is still perplexed by men and the ways they think and behave?

Do you fear that the right man who will honor your strength, wisdom and beauty may not exist?

Or that the man youre with now just doesnt get you?

What you may be missing is what my brilliant friend and colleague, Alison Armstrong, calls The Queens Code a way of claiming your power and relating to men that brings out the best in both of you, leading to far more fulfilling relationships.

Alison has taught thousands of women these secrets and you can discover them for yourself in Discovering the Queens Code: How to Honor Yourself & Transform the Way You Relate to Men.

This powerful virtual event is FREE –Register for this FREE event here <<

If you dont know Alison, shes a world-renowned relationship expert. The Queens Code is based on her remarkable book of the same title, hailed as a complete game-changer for women like you who are seeking a loving, committed and conscious relationship.

Alison is insightful and funny, and shell show you how to shift your core beliefs about men and really enter their minds.

Heres what youll discover:

  • The Queens Code for understanding and communicating with men, which allows you to stand in your power and honor yourself without disempowering them
  • Secrets of the male operating system so you no longer misinterpret their intentions, words and actions, and instead understand what makes them tick
  • Ways to become more magnetic and improve your relationships with men on the job, in your community and in your extended family
  • What habit you may be repeating that triggers mens inner warrior (not in a good way!) and how to respond effectively to this reaction
  • Key insights into why interacting with men may have been so challenging for you and how you can turn things around

I can assure you that Alison knows what shes talking about! Shes really mastered the complexities of relationships and I think youll learn a lot from her.Register for this FREE event here <<

woman relationship with man expert advice

P.S. Have you had enough wrong relationships to last two lifetimes? Alison Armstrong will guide you to transform the ways you relate to men!

Registration is free! Just click here: Discovering the Queens Code: How to Honor Yourself & Transform the Way You Relate to Men.

A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

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Feminine Life Force Sacred Power

Are you longing to liberate a more deeply feminine YOU?

The truth is that when you fully embrace the passionate feminine energy within your Shakti the result is a more fulfilling life!

You can begin to tap this sacred power that courses through your veins, expands your heart, and enhances your sexuality when you join Lisa Schrader for Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti: Reclaim the Authentic Power of Your Feminine Life Force.

>> Click toRegister for this FREE virtual event here or to Access Recording <<

Lisa was the first sacred sexuality teacher invited to speak on Oprah for a reason: shes accessible, real and speaks openly about the ups and downs of her own sexual awakeningjourney.

During this special virtual event, shell share with you:

  • How to use the 3 keys to Shakti Power for an immediate experience of sensual aliveness and alignment
  • Why there may be nothing wrong with you if you find yourself giving in or giving up on sex, and ways to naturally welcome back your passion
  • Practices for connecting to the wisdom matrix inside your own body and the reasons why gurus fail so many awakening women
  • Ways to relax into your magnetic, effortless feminine essence and unhook from the habitual hyper-masculine striving and improving mode

Its free to attend, but youll need to >> RSVP here<<

If youre like so many women, you may feel depleted and burdened by a laundry list of shoulds. However, you CAN reclaim your passion, pleasure and sense of adventure… and Lisa is ready to show you the way.

Sacred feminine inner power advanced practices
P. S. Dont miss your chance to experience Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti: Reclaim the Authentic Power of Your Feminine Life Force, and learn from sacred sexuality teacher and renowned coach Lisa Schrader for FREE!

>> Please RSVP here to join this event <<A recording will be provided later to all who register.

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sacred feminine inner power

Awakening Shakti – the Heart of the Sacred Feminine

Sacred feminineShakti Summit: heart, sensuality & spirit…

As a woman, you have access to a wellspring of boundless love, spiritual wisdom and sensual vitality.

When we draw from from this deep source, we are powerful and passionate, and our lives are filled with possibility

However, our cultural messages, life circumstances and internal limitations can separate us from our feminine essence.

We disconnect from ourselves and those around us even those who matter most.

During these isolating times, you might feel a significant drop in energy losing touch with what animates and enlivens you your vibrant light dims. You might also experience a dip in your creative self-expression, feeling depleted and uninspired.

The good news is, there’s a way to reconnect withthe gifts of your natural feminine essence a path back to a life ofopen-heartedness, abundant joy and ecstatic sensuality.

The Shakti Summitwill open and guide you,awakening the power of your sacred, feminine life force your Shakti!

I’mhonored to sharethe top sensuality and relationship experts and spiritual teachers speaking includingMarianne Williamson,Jean Shinoda Bolen, Chameli Ardagh, Margot Anand, Saida Desilets, Kute Blackson, Tosha Silver, DeAnna Lamand more!

They’ll be sharing insights and practices to help youtap into your Shakti so your feminine essence can truly shinein all you do and ignite the change thats imperative fortransforming our world and our future!

You’ll learn to activate YOUR Shakti and the mysteries of your sensuality, spiritual gifts and feminine heart so that YOU can becomea magnetic source to all you desire not because you grasp for it, but because youre simplymore radiantly attractive on all levels.

Ihope youll join this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network, and embody wholeness in all areas of your life as you start aligning more fully with your Shakti.

>> Click to Reserve Your spot here for Live Event at no charge (or Get a recording) <<

During this 3-day event, you’ll:

  • Dare to love fully, with an open heart
  • Deepen intimacy & create or attract a profound, expansive partnership
  • Discover the joy of living each moment as sacred
  • Learn to love your body and heal old body-image issues
  • Open to receive & experience more pleasure
  • Tap into more energy and enthusiasm
  • Live out your highest purpose & calling

And much more!

When you register forThe Shakti Summit, you willbecome part of a global sisterhood of women from youth to elders who recognize and honor their Shakti as the source of their pleasure and power.

Whatever life stage youre in and whether youre single or in partnership youll receive deep insights from luminous teachers about practical ways to bring more pleasure into each day.

Register now and get ready to embrace the true beauty and blessings of your womanhood.

>> Click to RSVP here forThe Shakti Summit Live (or Get Recording) free of charge <<

sacred feminine inner power

PS What people are saying aboutThe Shakti Summit:

The Shakti Summitwas engaging, playful and profound. A celebration of the Divine Feminine that broke new ground. Events like this help heal the split in the feminine psyche and between the masculine and feminine by empowering women and encouraging them to be the wonderfully sexual/sensual creatures that we are.

Beautifully clear, passionate and joyful presentations of females as creative force. Wish Id had this knowledge and field of female elders in high school. What a different world when this guidance is offered as a right-of-passage initiation for all females.

The Summit provided empowerment tools, skills and insights that open the door to a vast realm of resources, vital to embrace the fullness of ones path. Sadhana Mi (Josefe-Marie Verna)>> Join this Event here<<

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Goddesses In You

Goddesses in Everywoman Event

Goddesses In You

RSVP to Learn How Discovering Your Natural Archetype can Lyberate Your Full Expression

Which ancient goddesses are stirring within you? Find out during a free virtual event w/Jean Shinoda Bolen.

It was Carl Jung who theorized that we are all influenced by invisible archetypes that shape our behavior and influence our inner world.

Discovering and working with these archetypes can open us to powerful forces of transformation. For women in particular, this means accessing the energies symbolized by ancient goddesses, each of which represents a core dimension of femininity.

When we unveil the archetypal energies present within us, we gain profound insights into how we can live more meaningful, authentic and joyous lives. We access more power, depth, and wisdom.

So, its with great excitement that I invite you to a special FREE online event featuring bestselling author Jean Shinoda Bolen! Jeans groundbreaking book, Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Womens Lives, became an instant classic when it was published 30 years ago, and it remains a foundational work for feminist psychology today.

And now, for the first time on Saturday, January 30, at 10am Pacific (Replay if missed) you can go beyond the book and experience Jeans revolutionary teachings during a complimentary virtual event: Goddesses in Everywoman: How Discovering Your Natural Archetype Can Liberate Your Full Expression.

>> Reserve your free spot here for this exciting new offering <<

During this hour-long mini workshop with Jean, youll discover:

  • A simple test to reveal which goddesses are currently influencing you
  • How becoming aware of the mythic dimensions of your life choices can inspire deeper creativity and greater fulfillment
  • How stepping past fears and self-imposed limitations can awaken the life-enhancing energies of a new goddess archetype to guide you
  • Why every woman is a woman-in-between acted on from within by goddess archetypes and from without by cultural stereotypes and expectations
  • How the potential shadow qualities of each archetype can cause problems and conflicts
  • How to harness the energies of two transformational currents theclaiming of your signature goddess archetype and the expanded knowledge of how the other six can contribute to your soul purpose

There has never been a better time for you to fulfill your potential by embracing and embodying your true Self!

Youre not going to want to miss this opportunity to embark with Jean on a fascinating journey into mythology, self-awareness and deep transformation.

Heres what some of Jeans esteemed colleagues are saying aboutGoddesses in Everywoman:

The highest value of this book lies in the moments of recognition it provides: that insightful second when we understand and internalize, when we recognize what we ourselves have experienced, feel trust because of that truth, and then are taken one step further.
Gloria Steinem

A glorious book. Jean Shinoda Bolen’s weaving of myth, science, and keen observation makes this an outstanding contribution to the humanities.
Rita Mae Brown

I hope to “see” you at this destined-to-be compelling virtual event! Its FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you cant listen live.

During Goddesses in Everywoman: How Discovering Your Natural Archetype Can Liberate Your Full Expression, Jean Shinoda Bolen will show you how understanding and cultivating the goddess archetypes within you can expand your self-knowledge, enrich your relationships and deepen your sense of meaning and purpose.

>> This event is free but requires registration, RSVP here <<

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Divine Feminine Soul

Need a Dose of the Divine Feminine?

Divine Feminine Soul

Align your New Years intentions with the manifesting power of the Universe and experience more ease, greater flow and truly
delightful results.

Fortify Your New Years Resolutions Birthing Your Best Year Yet

Each year the New Year brings with it the opportunity to set goals, make resolutions to do more of this and less of that, so we can become even better versions of ourselves than ever been before.

If youre like me, youve probably jumped on the new-and-improved bandwagon every year for as long as you can remember. Its just what we do… and its pretty much what everybody does this time of year.

But hold on for just a moment. I have a very important question for you: Hows all that resolving and reaching for more/bigger/better really working for you?

Unfortunately for many women, especially those of us called to embrace and live from our Divine Feminine, the result is anything but positive, because we are attempting to manifest in a way that runs counter to the more organic unfolding of our life energy as well as our biology and psychology.

But what if there was a different way… a gentler way, aligned with our feminine rhythms and cycles?

And what if you could manifest your brightest you – powerfully – and without the stress and overwhelm of trying to push things into reality?

If you resonate with this idea as much as I do, I have great news! My friend Devaa Haley Mitchell is ready to share this gentler, feminine-honoring approach to self-improvement during a free virtual event, Wednesday, January 13 at 5:30pm Pacific. Its called Birthing Your Best Year Yet: Drawing Upon the Great Mother for Creative Manifestation.

>> Find out more and register now for this video-streamed event or recording if missed <<

Devaa, the founder of the Inspiring Women Summit, will help you redesign your life with more love and ease…and a good bit of magic. Shes worked with tens of thousands around the world in transforming their lives and creating a society that honors and celebrates the feminine on all levels, from our bodies to our world.

Shell look at the way women naturally create with more joy and how to connect yourself to larger fields of energy to show up in a full-spectrum way.

You dont want to miss this event! Please register now to attend or, if you cant attend live, register to receive the replay recording.

During this free online event, Devaa will help you tap into the Divine Mothers overflowing wellspring to nourish your heart and create a path to deeper meaning and fulfillment. She will also offer new tools to help you align your own intentions with feminine patterns of creation for greater ease of manifestation.

Register now for this exciting video-streamed event (and even if you missed it, youll receive a downloadable replay later)

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