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Truth About Hypnosis

Truth About Hypnosis + (Get free audio session)

Fact or Fiction: How Reading a Book Can Solve the Hypnosis Controversy The question of whether hypnosis is real or not has been a hot topic of discussion for over 200 years. Exciting new research in the field of brain studies is now settling the argument once and for all! Read a Good Book Lately: […]

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10 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

10 Tips For Lasting Weight Loss

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude 2. Believe in Your Abilities And the number one tip for successful weight loss 3. Learn From Your Mistakes 4. Reward Your Successes 5. Take Steps Daily to Reach Your Goals 6. Utilize a Support Network 7. Develop a Plan 8. Set Realistic and Meaningful Goals 9. Be Aware of […]

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Watch Gaia Hidden Origins S1E1

Gaia Hidden Origins S1E1

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