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Join us for Shamanic Active Dreaming Guided Practices with Goddesses of Rebirth - Journey from Darkness With the Sun Goddess Amaterasu Into Your Larger Life

Dive into the Magic of Mythic Realms with Dream Shaman Robert Moss & Goddesses of Rebirth

During this free virtual event, dream shaman Robert Moss will help you experience the regenerative energies of the Goddesses rising, to be reborn along with them into your own living myth filled with courage, passion, and healing for your life. Post Views: 41

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Reclaim Your Magical Child & Become the Shaman of Your Soul

Enter into the most powerful Imaginal Realm… the place between sleep and awake

During Reclaim Your Magical Child & Become the Shaman of Your Soul, you’ll discover how to reclaim vital energy and identity you’ve lost… parts of your soul — a concept not unlike the traditional shaman’s practice of soul retrieval, except that here you are acting as the shaman of your own soul in the deep […]

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