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Finding Freedom as an Empath - 4 Stages of Emotional Awakening for Sensitive Souls

Embrace Your Gifts as an Empath and Live more Freely, Fully, and Joyfully

Discover how your difficult emotions can help you become stronger

Do your emotions easily overwhelm you — maybe even for days — and sometimes you even feel others’ emotions as if they’re your own? 

Are you often drained energetically, with your strong feelings a seeming deterrent to living your life freely, fully, and joyfully?

Empaths feel deeply and strongly — and you know if you’re one of these sensitive souls…

Yet, experiencing life as a constant struggle needn’t be your fate… In fact, you can even learn to transmute your overpowering and uncomfortable feelings into potent energies to be used for “good.”

On Saturday, September 14, bestselling author, coach, and self-proclaimed sensitive soul Tree Franklyn will share an easy 4-step process to help you identify your difficult emotions, understand them as energies, and allow them to flow through, and even strengthen, you — so you can experience your sensitive soul as the amazing gift it truly is.

You can register here for Finding Freedom as an Empath: 4 Stages of Emotional Awakening for Sensitive Souls

Finding Freedom as an Empath - 4 Stages of Emotional Awakening for Sensitive Souls

During this powerful hour, you’ll discover:

  • Your emotions are energy flowing through you… and you don’t need to allow them to control your life

  • The 4 stages of awakening for sensitive souls – the Identifier, the Survivor, the Observer, and the Alchemist — to gain valuable insights for living a freer, happier, more expansive life

  • The 3 Infinite Truths that can help you navigate life’s challenges as a sensitive soul

  • An energy-shifting practice for transforming your emotions from painful to powerful

  • Common struggles and gifts of sensitive souls

  • An energetic visualization to help you transmute stuck energies — for more peace and freedom

Tree’s practical hands-on approach to using your daily struggles, thoughts, and emotions as guides to greater self-awareness and spiritual evolution are easily accessible and provide a “lifeboat” in the sea of overwhelm for empaths and sensitive souls.

You’ll also be reminded that there are wonderful benefits to being a “feeler.” For one, you get to feel pleasant emotions strongly, too! 

>> Join us free here for Live event (get recording) <<

In this special hour with Tree Franklyn, you’ll discover which stage of awakening you’re in as a sensitive soul, so you have a better understanding of why you’re the way you are, can better identify the patterns holding you back, and gain encouraging insights into how you can move forward.

You won’t want to miss this life-enhancing hour!

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Transforming Emotions through Vocal Medicine

Access the Vocal Medicine Inside You to Attain Calmness, Clarity & Lightness of Being

Release stuck emotions & unmask vulnerabilities through ‘sounding’ your voice

Imagine using the sound of your voice to transmute your painful emotions into powerful awakenings…

As pioneering voice teacher Chloë Goodchild, explains, “sounding” your voice can help you unmask and break through stuck and uncomfortable feelings, including anxiety, anger, depression, grief, alienation, and overwhelm…

You can then befriend and transform these feelings, far more quickly and effectively than merely talking about them could do.

Discovering how to use your voice as an instrument for healing awakens what Chloë calls your innate impulseto heal and transform, through the most available means of communication you have — your own unique voice.

On Saturday, June 8, Chloe will show you how to access and take responsibility for your emotional moods through a meditative vocal sounding of seven distinct musical modes — unique musical scales originating from ancient India — to express yourself with greater clarity and compassion.

>> Register here for Transform Your Emotions Through Vocal Medicine: Discover 7 Musical Modes to Liberate Self-Expression & Evoke Love <<

Transform Your Emotions Through Vocal Medicine: Discover 7 Musical Modes to Liberate Self-Expression & Evoke Love

In this audibly healing hour-long virtual event, you’ll discover:

  • Your authentic or “naked” voice is a catalyst and compass that enables your soul to unveil and express your true feelings
  • Your mind is “made of music” that, when released by sounding your voice, can evoke self-transformation
  • The 7 musical modes are vocal medicine inside you that can help you transform negative emotions into deeper positive feelings
  • The musical mode that can help you transform anxiety and overwhelm into calm, clarity, and a lightness of being
  • A powerful voice practice to break through self-limiting beliefs and stuck emotions to access your hidden strengths and gifts

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to begin to use your voice to break through layers of defenses and release beneficial energies that have long been trapped, forgotten, or lost.

You’ll begin to realize that your vocal impulse can invoke the energies of love, light, harmonic resonance, and new frequencies within you — ultimately the primordial sounds and the source of who you are.

>> RSVP for free here to this Live Event invitation <<

During Transform Your Emotions Through Vocal Medicine: Discover 7 Musical Modes to Liberate Self-Expression & Evoke Love, you’ll discover that your mind is “made of music” that, when released by sounding your voice, can evoke lasting self-transformation.

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