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The feminine mystic unveiled

The path of feminine mysticism unveiled – live event & replay

Feminine Mystic Unveiled

Discover Your True Beloved

So often we spend our lives chasing an experience of being loved in the outer world and forget that a sublime and even ecstatic relationship with the True Beloved is available within us.

Embracing the Divine as our ultimate Beloved is a time-honored spiritual path that historys female mystics, in particular, have walked with inspiring grace.

What can you learn from these remarkable women about how you can have a tender, devotional and even erotic relationship with the Beloved at the core of your spiritual life?

Please join me and thousands of seekers of an ecstatic relationship with the Divine, on Saturday, March 12, when mystic-scholar Mirabai Starr presents The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved.

You can reserve your FREE spot here

Mirabai will share the profound experience of devotion at the heart of the lives of many of the great female mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, and how you, too, can unite with the Beloved and live in a rarified state while still engaging in grounded action and service in the world

During this inspiring hour, youll discover:

  • How to say yes to longing at the core of your pathway to the Divine
  • The power and beauty born of spiritual desire and devotion
  • Devotional practices that help unite you with the Beloved and see the Divine in the eyes of others
  • How to be more available to moments of ecstasy in your daily life
  • So join me for this powerful reclamation of the feminine path that is enlivening, ecstatic and truly soul-nourishing.

Its FREE to attend, but youll need to register here

PS: If youre seeking an ecstatic path of devotion, I invite you to begin to explore and open to a relationship with the Beloved Other, which youll learn much more about through Mirabai Starrs event: The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved.

As a registered participant, youll receive a downloadable audio of the presentation. Save your space here for this free virtual eventTheFeminine Mysticism Unveiled.

The feminine mystic unveiled

Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved

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The Secrets of Mystical Christianity: Opening to Your Next Level of Divine Embodiment

Awaken and embody Christ Consciousness

The Secrets of Mystical Christianity: Opening to Your Next Level of Divine Embodiment

RSVP: The Secrets of Mystical Christianity: Opening to Your Next Level of Divine Embodiment

Discover the secret, hidden truths of the Christ Path (webcast)

So many of us have a deep connection to Jesus and the Christian tradition but may have grown disillusioned with churches or doctrine.

If youre like me, you may love Jesus but feel more ambivalent about what is taught in his name.

What if you could access the power of this profoundly mystical lineage in anewway, allowing you to embody more of your innate divinity and join with others to co-create a more just and compassionate world?

That’s why Im excited to share with you a free online event with renowned mystic-scholar Andrew Harvey, on Wednesday, February 24, titled >> The Secrets of Mystical Christianity: Opening to Your Next Level of Divine Embodiment.

During this groundbreaking free event, Andrew will pull back the veil on the sacred and, until now, often secret truths offered by Jesus and Christian mystics to illuminate your path of embodying Christ Consciousness in the here and now.

He will also share how to reclaim the sacred feminine that is at the heart of this lineage, birth the divine child within you and experience the Christ path as part of a universal inheritance rather than a specific religion.

As you listen to Andrew reveal the secrets of mystical Christianity, youll:

  • Understand Christ Consciousness as a fusion of transcendent awareness and divine embodiment in the sacred chalice of the heart
  • Open to a higher octave of Christ Consciousness through the holy union of divine masculine and sacred feminine
  • Re-examine the role of shadow work in activating Christ Consciousness, which is essential both for our own evolution and for addressing our world crisis
  • Andrew is passionate about calling us into a relationship with the Divine that is built on sacred service and ministering to the suffering of the world.

Be prepared for brilliant, provocative insights and passion-infused words that resonate deeply within your soul!

>> Reserve your spot here to listen live event or to get a recording (if missed it earlier)

PS – Andrew is a truly amazing speaker. Marianne Williamson says about Andrew:

Every age has its teachers who keep the eternal truths alive for all of us. And when a generation is very, very lucky, it encounters a teacher so illumined that the words he delivers must be illumined as well. In the case of Andrew Harvey, the light he sheds is like a meteor burst across the inner sky.

>> Reserve your spot here for this exciting, brand-new event <<

Christ consciousness awakening

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