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Magic of the Shamanic Dreaming

Shamanic Dreaming – Discover the Magic of Iroquois Tradition

Become a conscious citizen of multiverse…

Shamans have known for millennia that dreams can open a portal to rapid healing, guidance from the higher levels of reality, and the wisdom of our ancestors information that can have an immediate positive impact on your life and even help heal our planet.

If youve suspected that these powerful healers were right and that your dreams do hold great possibilities for you, then We’rethrilled to connect you to a special online presentation featuring shamanic dreaming expert Robert Moss, whos also the bestselling author of Dreaming the Soul Back Home and 13 other books on the transformative power of dreams.

On Wednesday, April 19, Robert will present a FREE online event: Shamanic Dreaming in the Iroquois Tradition: An Initiation into Healing, Wisdom & Human Survival.

>> You can register here to listen Live or to get a replay if missed <<

During this complimentary hour, youll discover:

  • How to recognize the secret wishes of your soul, as revealed in your dreams
  • That youre already a time traveler in your dreams, and as you turn this into a conscious practice, you can choose and co-create a better future
  • How to see and clarify future events revealed in dreams and take action to avoid unwanted circumstances and manifest desirable ones
  • The practice of taming a dream that predicts the future to mitigate an unwanted outcome
  • Roberts cutting-edge new work on exploring the multiverse and the multidimensional self

Youll start to understand how to engage dreaming as a way of direct experience that can help you ascertain the voice of your heart, find the best pathway forward, and become a conscious citizen of what Robert calls the multiverse.

We invite you to join usfor this mind-expanding hour that can open your life to new possibilities and the magic of shamanic dreaming!

>> Register Here <<

Magic of the Shamanic Dreaming

Drawing Credit to Louis Dyer – author site: louisdyer.com

P.S. Robert is a brilliant and fascinating teacher and will share a little-known lineage of shamanic dream practice from the Iroquois people that will challenge your very understanding of reality. Register now to listen Live or to geta downloadable replay if missed it earlier..

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the way of the psychonaut

Alternate States of Consciousness Access

Discover the Way of the Psychonaut

Are you called to adventure beyond your ordinary mind to pioneer a new understanding of life one more deeply connected to the cosmos?

Have you been intrigued by, or perhaps even experienced firsthand, how the power of altered states, including shamanic consciousness, can transform your life?

If so, you may be primed to discover the Way of the Psychonaut. Like the adventurers of old who fearlessly journeyed beyond the boundaries of the physical map, modern psychonaut explorers are venturing beyond the map of psychology into new realms of human evolution.

Stan Grof has been one of the earliest and most accomplished pioneers of these realms through his decades of legal research into the therapeutic use of psychedelics, his innovative understanding of non-ordinary states based on experiential forms of psychotherapy, and his exhaustive studies of shamanism, art and myth.

On Wednesday, November 9, (later replay), Stan will present a fascinating FREE online event: Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut: How to Access the Power of Non-ordinary States of Consciousness.

You can register here for Live event or to get a recording anytime <<

During this unique hour, youll discover:

  • How accessing the power of non-ordinary states allows you to move beyond talk therapy into life-changing experiences
  • An expanded map of psyche and cosmos, including the nature and role of transpersonal experiences
  • Why these more advanced experiences in consciousness can build a new foundation for your growth and development
  • Key principles for safely navigating these new realms

These exciting new frontiers can open new doors for creating deep healing and growth for yourself and others.

By exploring these realms, youll gain a deeper appreciation for your potential, a more profound vision for your life, and an expanded toolkit for clearing old traumas from both your psyche and your body.

the way of the psychonaut

P.S. During Discovering the Way of the Psychonaut: How to Access the Power of Non-ordinary States of Consciousness, youll discover how this exciting new path can expand your identity to a cosmic scale, help you explore other dimensions, and access information from what appears to be past lives.

If you cant listen live, youll receive a downloadable replay of the event <<

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Discover Quantum Dreaming & the secrets of time travel

Quantum Dreaming EventA Must Attend free event with dream shaman Robert Moss

For centuries, shamans around the world have reported using dreams as portals for accessing information from the past and future to apply in the present.

They have learned to dream consciously, which can open them to amazing adventures in space and time.

That may sound far out, but its actually something that has been supported by remote viewing research done by the US government and increasingly by scientists studying psychic abilities.

The explanation for this ability to time travel through non-ordinary states can be found in quantum physics recognition that we can be linked to seemingly remote events through what some call non-local mind.

If youre intrigued by these frontiers, Ive got great news!

On Wednesday, March 16, master dreamwork teacher Robert Moss will present a free online event: Quantum Dreaming and the Secrets of Time Travel: Where Shamanism and the New Science Meet in the Multidimensional Universe.

>> You can register here for Live event or to get a recording if missed <<

During this exciting, hour-long mini-workshop, youll discover:

  • How to make your home in non-local mind. (hint: this is the KEY to time travel)
  • The precise steps required to enter your dreams so that they become a portal to other dimensions and make quantum realities accessible.
  • How consciousness can project safely beyond the body, open gates between the worlds and close them when necessary.
  • How to engage healing in multiple dimensions of consciousness, even beyond death.
  • I invite you to join me for this mind-expanding hour youll love Robert Moss, and especially learning how to use dreaming as a vehicle to travel much further and deeper into the universe than you ever thought possible.

And best of all, these practices can also apply to your waking state!

>> You can RSVP for free here <<

PS – Robert Moss is the bestselling author of more than dozen books on dreaming. During this free online event, he will share fascinating stories that will bend your notions of time, space, identity and causality.

Hell help you develop your skills of Quantum Dreaming so you can go beyond the constraints of time and space to explore our multidimensional universe more freely!

>> Register now (and even if you cant attend live, youll receive a downloadable replay later) <<

exploring quantum alternatives

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