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writing as spiritual practice

Elevate Writing into a Transformative Spiritual Practice

writing practiceDiscover a powerful practice to boost creativity & shed the past

I know from personal experience that the tasks I write down get done more consistently than those I dont, and bigger things such as goals for my life tend to manifest more easily when I commit to writing them down.

But while there is value in all forms of writing, bestselling author and O Magazine contributing editor, Mark Matousek, says a writing practice when viewed as a vehicle for transformation can be so much more than a way to get our daily to-do list done and goals met.

A writingpractice, when approached properly, can and should stand side-by-side with more venerated practices like meditation and prayer as a way to accelerate our personal growth and access our depths.

In fact, Mark believes that there is no more powerful tool to work with our stories, our emotions and our dreams than a truly transformative writing practice.

It’s the reason why so many great pioneers, leaders and inventors have kept a journal: It’s one of THE most powerful ways to access our creativity, our passions and our higher purpose for life, as well as understand the lessons from our daily life and free us from the past.

Mark has discovered that by focusing our mind on crystallizing the essence of our feelings, peeling back the layers of truth and seeking a higher vision, we can create an open channel for our soul to quite literally incarnate into our lives.

So Im excited to share with you an invitation to join Mark for a free virtual event Wednesday, March 23, called:Freeing Your Soul Through Writing: Seven Essential Steps to a Truly Transformative Practice.

>> You can register free right here <<
PS – Even (and perhaps especially) if you already have a writing practice, youll want to join this session because not all writing is transformative. If you arent careful, you can end up rehearsing your grudges, reinforcing your false beliefs and keeping yourself stuck.

Mark brings three decades of experience as a memoirist, editor, interviewer, survivor, activist and spiritual seeker to his penetrating and thought-provoking work with students seeking to radically transform their lives through writing.

>> Register for the free Live Event here or to Get a Recording if missed it earlier <<

writing as spiritual practice

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