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The Here and Now – Magic of Present Moment

The Here and Now

Have you ever wished that you had a time machine and that you may return in time? If yesteryear is stalking you and you can’t stop thinking of past events, individuals from your past and past lovers, you‘ll feel sorrow and make yourself miserable. It might be time to let the past die. The past is the past tense and that’s it. You can’t return in time. You are able to only be in the present, in this here and now. So quit torturing yourself with the memories of the past, even great memories may make you feel foul because it’s ended.

Quit reliving the past, quit bringing it up in the here and now. Stay centered on the present and center on living in the here and now. Be present, here and now. Don’t mentally return and rewind the movie of your life. Just let it be, the past is numb; don’t attempt to resurrect it. But you’re still alive– here and now! You’ve the chance to live your life in the present! Why live the past over and over? You’re missing out on what’s occurring in this very minute, right here, right at present!

Begin thinking of your future. You can’t move forward if you see in the rear-view mirror. Have you ever attempted to drive your auto while looking in the rear-view mirror without facing ahead? It’s unimaginable to move forward and you’ll wreck. So, quit thinking of the past and begin anticipating the future. Move ahead with your life by thinking of the things in front, what do you want your future to be like? Make plans, arrange goals, and produce a vision for a shinier tomorrow. Get charged up about the future and the opportunities lying ahead of you.

Then get to work, be more proactive and accomplish everything that you are able to daily to make this vision a truth. Center on the future and keep your sight fresh and alive in your mind- what may be, what may happen, what opportunities exist and so forth.

Lay the past to rest. Your life is in the here and now. Everything what’s happening right now is going to produce your future. So center on the here and now if you want to produce a better tomorrow. The here and now is all we have, the only instant in which we have the might to alter our life. Even the future is a mental projection of the mind but we live forever in the here and now.

 >> Welcome every moment as an opportunity to invite grace into your life <<

The Here and Now - Magic of Present Moment

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