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how to write a book or novel

How to Write a Book – Creative Writing Practice by SARK

Ever wondered how to write a book? Get the scoop on more joy-filled writing straight from SARK

Do you long toliberate your authentic writing voice and develop a more joyful and productive writing practice? If so, Ive got good news.

We know someone who knows thesecrets to liberating this truest voice with ease and joy. Its Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, aka:SARK, whos written 17 books that have sold more than two million copies and done so in a joyful and fun way!

SARKwillhelp you bring more joy and playfulness into your writing practice to get far more productive results on a FREE virtual event: >>Freeing Your Writing Voice: 3 Keys to Reclaiming the Joy & Magic in Your Words.You Can Register here <<

During thiscreativity-sparking event, which also includes SARKs teaching (and writing) partner, Dr. Scott Mills, youll:

  • Learn how to dance with your pesky inner critics
  • Harness the power of micro-movements to create a joyful writing practice
  • Discovering your inner wise self so you can write your truth
  • Learn how to express your authentic voice with more power and clarity

Together, theyll help you get unstuck and take you on a liberating romp into the heart of writing to help you write with passion and express your truth!

If youve been yearning to put your ideas onto the page and generate writing that gets you noticed, SARK will show you how her time-tested approaches can deliver real results.

>> Click to Register here to Listen free Recording <<

How to write a book or novel

PS: Dont miss your chance to learn directly from SARK on her FREE August 24th event: Freeing Your Writing Voice: 3 Keys to Reclaiming the Joy & Magic in Your Words. Youll discover the secrets to a more joyful and productive writing practice!

If you cant listen live, youll >> receive a downloadable replay of the event <<

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