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Flower of life

Become an embodied expression of Higher Consciousness in day-to-day life

Integral Soul JourneyDiscover the soul-embodying path of the true evolutionary…

Your soul is on a journey and so is our shared world.

Its speeding up now; its game time on the planet. Some of us are feeling called tobethe change we want to see in the world, to become a real force for healthy, conscious evolution.

But what does it take to become a true evolutionary? To not only wake up to the next level but to become an embodied expression of higher consciousness in day-to-day life?

To go beyond ego and also to contribute your own unique gifts?

It takes is a life of practice, a journey of surrendering to the deeper currents of life and consciousness so that you become theembodimentof your soul and of evolution itself.

You literally become the head, heart and hands of Spirit, so that evolution is always happening through you to answer the challenges of your life and of the greater world and in the ways only you can do.

Terry Patten, one of the most dynamic, passionate and original teachers of our time, and a key leader in the worldwide integral movement, will be sharing just exactly how to achieve the heights of awakening and the depth of embodiment at the same time in an upcoming free online event, Saturday, April 16, called:Waking Up and Dropping Down: How to Liberate Your Spirit and Incarnate Your Soul.

>> Click here to Reserve your free space to listen live or to get a recording <<

During this thought-provoking and heart-opening virtual event, Terry will share the fruits of his four decades of advanced mystical, intellectual and embodied investigation into the higher reaches of the spiritual path, integral theory, and the deepest truths of what it means to be a true evolutionary… and youll walk away with a practical understanding of living a truly evolutionary life every day.

In the course of this complimentary session, Terry will share with you:

  • How your souls daemon is the archetypal strange attractor of your deeper character
  • The emerging shape of the integrated soul-and-spirit practice journey
  • A rationale for Integral ritual and ceremony
  • The siddhis that can emerge from profound sustained integral practice
  • A vision for understanding the holographic nature of conscious participation in our full-spectrum psychophysical reality

Join Terry for this illuminating hour, where you can chart your course for becoming an embodied, authentic evolutionary!

PS Dont miss this opportunity to deepen into becoming a true evolutionary on an ever-evolving path of surrender, embodiment and love with Terry Patten.

Everyone who registers for this free virtual event will also receive a downloadable replay of the call after it airs. >> RSVP here <<

Flower of life

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