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you are an ocean in a drop

Feminine way to Awakening via Ego Relaxation

Relaxing Into GodHave your efforts to awaken spiritually left you feeling at odds with parts of your normal humanity and stuck in the struggle?

What if there was a more feminine approach to awakening that was kinder, more embracing of your humanity and more effective?

If you want to stop battling with your ego and instead receive graceful divine support that will melt away your suffering, meet Miranda Macpherson.

Miranda offers an integrated, distinctly feminine approach to self-realization that reveals the radiant majesty and indescribable beauty at your core, as well as a path of awakening filled with the blessings of grace.

Im excited to let you know that Miranda will be sharing more on Wednesday, June 4, at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern, during her free virtual event, The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation.

I hope youll join us. Miranda has an exquisite capacity for profound insight and a loving heart that will invite you to release aversions to any aspect of yourself and open to deeper dimensions of consciousness.

>> Reserve your free spot here for Live Event or sing-up for Recording <<

During this session, youll discover how to:

  • Relax into realization, rather than chase after specific states
  • Feel the healing presence of unconditional love AS you
  • Why the impulse to chase after God takes you out of the receptive state, blocking your availability to boundless dimensions
  • How to experience grace through difficult life passages that may be the opposite of what you want at the time
  • Apply key pillars for awakening that allow you to begin functioning in the living stream of boundless love, wisdom and guidance

Dont miss this opportunity to hear Miranda share her teachings, which are rooted in two decades worth of direct experiences and inspired by extensive study of the worlds mystical traditions.

Shell reveal her secrets for softening your egos control structures, relaxing into a larger field of grace and experiencing the healing presence of your true nature.

Its >> FREE to attend and youll Receive a Recording later if you cant listen live <<
During The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation, Miranda Macpherson will illuminate practices that let you finally relax into your essential nature and drink from the well of grace at the core of your being. Again, this event is free. >> Simply RSVP here <<

you are the entire ocean in a drop

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christ consciousness

Christian Mysticism: Christ Path Advanced

Christ Path AdvancedChrist Consciousness –Secrets of Transfiguration

What if Jesus was serious when he said we would do greater works than him?That says remarkable things about our potential…

If you’ve ever been drawn to the idea that ALL of us have the potential to live into Christ Consciousness, as Jesus implied, I have an exciting invitation to you

On Saturday, May 14, renowned mystic and bestselling author Andrew Harvey will pull back the veil on profound truths on a FREE teleseminar called, Opening to Christ Consciousness: Rediscovering the Power of Christian Mysticism to Live a Divinely Human Life.

>> You can claim your free seat here for Live Event or to Get a Recording <<

Andrew is a brilliant scholar and mystic who will explore how the esoteric Christian mystics knew that Jesus was, in fact, a way shower for the kind of radical transfiguration that is possible for ALL of humanity.

He beautifully illuminates how the Christ Path holds essential keys to healing our world, as well as forging a life that is profound, impactful and divine.

If you have drawn inspiration from Jesus but found some of Christianity’s beliefs a bit too confining, you’ll love Andrew’s message. This free event is equally designed for Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and spiritual seekers who are hungering to move beyond partial paths and rigid beliefs to something more gritty, real and whole.

Andrew will show us how embodying Christ consciousness means radically opening our heart, awakening to an embodied divinity, and walking a path of sacred action.

He will also share potent insights into decoding and understanding the ancient map of transfiguration and recognizing the tantric and shamanic components of Christian mysticism, which are often overlooked.

His goal is to light the way to embodying Christ consciousness as a moment-to-moment reality.

Its >> FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you cant listen live <<

Andrew will particularly focus on how we can learn to see the pathway to the sacred marriage of the transcendent masculine and embodied divine feminine, appreciate the role of the dark feminine in birthing the next level of humanity and experience the journey of transfiguration as part of a universal inheritance rather than belonging to one religion. Its >> FREE to attend and youll be sent a recording too if you register <<

christ consciousness

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Opening to Boundless Love - The Power of God Consciousness & Embracing the Divine in Everything

Grow in love: embrace everything as part of The Divine

Opening to Boundless Love - The Power of God Consciousness & Embracing the Divine in Everything

Opening to Boundless Love – The Power of God Consciousness & Embracing the Divine in Everything

Free virtual event with Miranda Macpherson on January 20th, Missed? Replay….

Do you know conceptually that the Divine is in everything and everyone, but find it difficult to live that awareness in your daily life?

If so, youre not alone. We all experience challenging days, when we encounter our own human limitations and those of others. A truly integrated spiritual path can help us harness absolutely everything we encounter into the path of awakening.

On this path, you can learn to live more substantially in God-Consciousness, grow in love and discriminating wisdom, and move through life centered in grace. You can be a more substantial presence of peace in our world.

If you long tonot only believe in this possibility,but to really live it,youll want to meet Miranda Macpherson!

Miranda offers a distinctly feminine approach to spiritual realization, and you can experience her teachings during a free virtual event hosted by The Shift Network on Wednesday, January 20 called: Opening to Boundless Love: The Power of God Consciousness & Embracing the Divine in Everything.

>> Registerfree to get recording here if missed it listening live earlier…

During this session, youll discover:

  • Why self-forgiveness is vital to your spiritual growth.
  • The importance of unconditional acceptance in working with the shadow aspects of your being.
  • Why your instinct to reject is the biggest barrier to experiencing non-duality.
  • How to integrate your survival, sexual and social instincts rather than letting them de-rail you.
  • Why three magic words opening, softening, allowing can bring clarity, beauty and peace into your daily life.

Please do not miss this opportunity to haveMiranda share with you her secrets for living in the light of the Divine and experiencing the beauty and perfection in whatever life brings to you.

Shes a truly luminous teacher and really walks her talk.

I hope to “see” you there! Its FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you cant listen live <<

PS –During Opening to Boundless Love: The Power of God Consciousness & Embracing the Divine in Everything, Miranda Macpherson will show you how to live in a state of God Consciousness, where you align your mind with the mind of God to meet and accept your human self and reclaim the beauty and majesty of your true identity through self-forgiveness.

>> This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here <<

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