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Entering new level of “Shared Consciousness”

Experience Awakening with Others

Are you ready for a paradigm shift in your spiritual practice one that takes you beyond your sometimes isolating solo practice into a living, evolving field of mutual awakening?

For too long weve fixated on individual growth, much to the detriment of learning to live and grow in a larger field of shared intelligence.

We havent learned to awaken TOGETHER, and without access to the creative and liberating power of the group field, our spiritual progress has slowed.

The Shift Network is excited to present a free online event with contemporary spiritual teacher Patricia Albere to introduce new dimensions of relating and expanding consciousness collectively:The Next Level of Spiritual Practice: Go Beyond the Limits of Your Solo Practice & Experience Awakening With Others.

Registerhere to get a recording <<

Patricia has over 30 years experience in this powerful approach to spiritual awakening and is highly skilled in helping us enter into this new level of shared consciousness. She takes us beyond the subtle narcissism and self-contraction a purely solo practice can evoke (even when those solo practices are done in a group).

During this free virtual event, youll discover:

  • How to shift the focus of your spiritual practice from your individual body-mind
  • An expanded awareness and experience of the larger field
  • Ways a solo practice can reinforce aspects of our identity and constrict access to a multidimensional level of higher consciousness
  • More joy, creative energy and a deeper spiritual connection through the opening of mutual awakening

If youre hungry to move beyond your personal practice to explore the multidimensional potential of mutual awakening, I invite you to join me for this illuminating hour. Its free, but you must register here to receive access details <<

Next level of spiritual practice is awakening with others

P.S. Dont miss your chance to experiencePatricia,as sheshares how to go beyond your current practice to relate to spirituality and others in a wholly new joyful, creative and dynamic way.

Reserve your free space here <<A recording will be provided later to all who register, whether or not you listen to the scheduled event.

P.P.S.Heres what people are saying about Patricia:

My participation in [Patricia Alberes] Evolutionary Collective over the last year has accompanied the most rapid personal maturation of my adult life. The group evokes levels of depth and authenticity that demand personal evolution and sacred service. In addition, I suspect the fields generated by Patricia and group members have profound effects that are unquantifiable.

Dr. Keith Witt, Author, Renowned Integral Teacher and Licensed Psychologist/Marriage Family Therapist, Regular Contributor to Integral Life and The Daily Evolver

For me, my greatest joy in the Evolutionary Collective is Patricias transmission of integral consciousness. Whether demanding diva or wise mother, she sparkles with a higher Love, Intelligence and oomph. I leave one onionskin more liberated into life!

Jeff Salzman, Founder of The Daily Evolver and Boulder Integral, Teacher, Leader and Co-founder of CareerTrack Training

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