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Belief MAstery

BELIEFS Holding You Back from Change in Your Life?

Belief MasteryDo you have a big vision for your life, yet struggle with making it happen?

Do you find yourself subtly undermining your relationships, even when everything should be going well?

If youre like many people, you attribute these failures to circumstances, bad timing or just plain bad luck.

But the truth is, your brain has been wired to do this, partially out of a need to survive! The problem is the same beliefs your mind has held dear since childhood no longer serve you.

I have good news for you, though! On Tuesday, June 14, you can discover a proven method for clearing these old beliefs OUT once and for all when you join Lion Goodman for Shifting Your Beliefs: 4 Keys to Clearing Whats in the Way of the Life You Desire.

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Lion Goodman has developed a simple yet powerful process for clearing beliefs deep in your psyche permanently. And in this fascinating hour youll receive the 4 keys to clearing your beliefs and will:

  • Discover your belief set point, and how it gets set in childhood
  • Recognize how your beliefs actually reinforce themselves and how you can disrupt that cycle once and for all
  • Learn how to catch beliefs in the act of interfering with your manifestation process, and shift them into alignment. instantly
  • Establish a new foundation of empowering beliefs in place of those that have been undermining you.

Youll understand why you may have feelings of unworthiness or a lack of support from the world, simply because you were mis-programmed before you were old enough to have a say in the matter!

Now, as an adult, you can begin to identify and clear out these self-defeating beliefs and replace them with self-empowering and liberating ones… beliefs that are aligned with the truth of who you are and the mission and purpose you are here to fulfill!

>> Its free to attend, but youll need to register here <<

PS: During Shifting Your Beliefs Lion Goodman will share a simple proven process to swap out negative core beliefs that sabotage your life for empowering core beliefs that support your mission and purpose!

as above so below

Dont miss your chance to learn from the creator of the The Clear Beliefs Process for FREE!

>>RSVP to reserve a space on this Event:4 Keys to Clearing Whats in the Way of the Life You Desire <<

(A recording will be provided to all registered participants.)

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