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Mayan Teachings (Ish) Sacred Prayers – the Spirit of the Feminine

Blessed by Grandmothers Wisdom

At this moment, an unprecedented shift in human consciousness is bridging together many worlds and cultures.

And the Spirit of the Feminine, what Mayan teachings call I’x (pronounced ish), is at the heart of it. Indigenous wisdom can empower you to deepen your relationship with this sacred energy, helping accelerate this shift for your own and the world’s healing and wholeness.

One of our most beloved teachers of this profound wisdom is Grandmother Flordemayo, a member of the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, who offers a humble, earthy universal wisdom lightened by laughter.

The Councils very formation was predicted by prophecies. These remarkable Elders are committed to bridging the ancient and modern worlds and weaving the human family together again.

So we’rethrilled to share with you that Grandmother Flordemayo will present Blessed by Grandmother’s Wisdom: Sacred Prayer & Opening to the Mayan I’x the Spirit of the Feminine.

>> Register for FREE replay of this virtual event <<

During this beautiful wisdom circle, you’ll:

  • Embrace your being as both celestial and terrestrial in origin
  • Renew your vows with the Creator (perhaps discovering them for the first time)
  • Participate in a prayer ceremony that amplifies the healing power of I’x
  • Discover how you can be a channel for this healing in your own communities

I’x connects you with the creative forces of the universe and empowers you to raise your consciousness in a way thats both potent and feminine.

I’x also strengthens our integral connection with nature and each other, helping restore balance to Mother Earth and all of her children

If you’d like to enter a sacred circle to receive ancient wisdom, powerful prayer lineages and healing practicesfrom a wise and beloved member of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, I can’t recommend this call highly enough

Click for Free Replay Access page…

Replay Access of Blessed by Grandmothers Wisdom: Sacred Prayer & Opening to the Mayan Ix  the Spirit of the Feminine

Dont miss this opportunity to join a moving virtual circle that connects you with one of our worlds most respected Indigenous Elders, Grandmother Flordemayo.

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Feminine Life Force Sacred Power

Are you longing to liberate a more deeply feminine YOU?

The truth is that when you fully embrace the passionate feminine energy within your Shakti the result is a more fulfilling life!

You can begin to tap this sacred power that courses through your veins, expands your heart, and enhances your sexuality when you join Lisa Schrader for Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti: Reclaim the Authentic Power of Your Feminine Life Force.

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Lisa was the first sacred sexuality teacher invited to speak on Oprah for a reason: shes accessible, real and speaks openly about the ups and downs of her own sexual awakeningjourney.

During this special virtual event, shell share with you:

  • How to use the 3 keys to Shakti Power for an immediate experience of sensual aliveness and alignment
  • Why there may be nothing wrong with you if you find yourself giving in or giving up on sex, and ways to naturally welcome back your passion
  • Practices for connecting to the wisdom matrix inside your own body and the reasons why gurus fail so many awakening women
  • Ways to relax into your magnetic, effortless feminine essence and unhook from the habitual hyper-masculine striving and improving mode

Its free to attend, but youll need to >> RSVP here<<

If youre like so many women, you may feel depleted and burdened by a laundry list of shoulds. However, you CAN reclaim your passion, pleasure and sense of adventure… and Lisa is ready to show you the way.

Sacred feminine inner power advanced practices
P. S. Dont miss your chance to experience Advanced Practices for Awakening Your Shakti: Reclaim the Authentic Power of Your Feminine Life Force, and learn from sacred sexuality teacher and renowned coach Lisa Schrader for FREE!

>> Please RSVP here to join this event <<A recording will be provided later to all who register.

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follow the light

Buddha & Jesus – Brothers in Light (replay)

Buddha & Jesus - Brothers in LightEvolve Your Spirituality with Andrew Harvey & Bob Thurman

The Buddha and Jesus began their journeys on Earth at vastly different times, and came out of vastly different circumstances and cultural challenges.

While the spiritual traditions that emerged from the work of these two seminal teachers may seem to have little in common, nothing could be further from the truth!

By merely scratching the surface of Buddhism and Christianity, we can uncover many common teachings of Jesus and the Buddha, affording us the opportunity to evolve our spirituality in ways that can better support us through the challenges of the 21st Century.

Thats why Im excited thatAndrew HarveyandRobert Thurmanare coming together for the very first time to help you deepen your understanding of the wisdom, practices and love offered by both Jesus and the Buddha.

We pleased to invite you to join these respected spiritual teacher-scholarsforRediscovering the Buddha & Jesus: Embracing the Bliss & Blessings of Two Brothers in Light.

>> Registerhere to replaythis FREE virtual event <<

Andrew and Robert, who are delightful to listen to and learn from, see the Buddha and Jesus as two brothers in light who brought greater awareness and love into our world. Combined, the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha offer you a path of truly embodied bliss and blessing.

DuringRediscovering the Buddha & Jesus,youll discover:

  • Two inspiring visions of these transformative traditions and how you can integrate their wisdom into your life
  • The true essence of life and how it can transform your daily existence
  • The actual science of Love & Bliss which you can apply on your spiritual path
  • How the Passionate Feminine is central to both traditions and the key to evolving humanity to the next level of consciousness
  • Key practices to activate the profound knowledge these two beings and their teachings reveal to us

Its sure to be a riveting hour with these two brilliant, humorous and loving scholars and teachers.

>> Be prepared to receive wisdom and practices that will bring you more grace, love and wholeness!

follow the light

Everyone who registers forRediscovering the Buddha & Jesus: Embracing the Bliss & Blessings of Two Brothers in Light, will also receive the audio recording afterward.

This not-to-be-missed event will be sizzling with wisdom, passion and laughter as Robert and Andrew bring alive the Buddha and Jesus in ways youve never before heard! >> Register here to Replayanytime <<

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sacred feminine inner power

Awakening Shakti – the Heart of the Sacred Feminine

Sacred feminineShakti Summit: heart, sensuality & spirit…

As a woman, you have access to a wellspring of boundless love, spiritual wisdom and sensual vitality.

When we draw from from this deep source, we are powerful and passionate, and our lives are filled with possibility

However, our cultural messages, life circumstances and internal limitations can separate us from our feminine essence.

We disconnect from ourselves and those around us even those who matter most.

During these isolating times, you might feel a significant drop in energy losing touch with what animates and enlivens you your vibrant light dims. You might also experience a dip in your creative self-expression, feeling depleted and uninspired.

The good news is, there’s a way to reconnect withthe gifts of your natural feminine essence a path back to a life ofopen-heartedness, abundant joy and ecstatic sensuality.

The Shakti Summitwill open and guide you,awakening the power of your sacred, feminine life force your Shakti!

I’mhonored to sharethe top sensuality and relationship experts and spiritual teachers speaking includingMarianne Williamson,Jean Shinoda Bolen, Chameli Ardagh, Margot Anand, Saida Desilets, Kute Blackson, Tosha Silver, DeAnna Lamand more!

They’ll be sharing insights and practices to help youtap into your Shakti so your feminine essence can truly shinein all you do and ignite the change thats imperative fortransforming our world and our future!

You’ll learn to activate YOUR Shakti and the mysteries of your sensuality, spiritual gifts and feminine heart so that YOU can becomea magnetic source to all you desire not because you grasp for it, but because youre simplymore radiantly attractive on all levels.

Ihope youll join this special online gathering presented by The Shift Network, and embody wholeness in all areas of your life as you start aligning more fully with your Shakti.

>> Click to Reserve Your spot here for Live Event at no charge (or Get a recording) <<

During this 3-day event, you’ll:

  • Dare to love fully, with an open heart
  • Deepen intimacy & create or attract a profound, expansive partnership
  • Discover the joy of living each moment as sacred
  • Learn to love your body and heal old body-image issues
  • Open to receive & experience more pleasure
  • Tap into more energy and enthusiasm
  • Live out your highest purpose & calling

And much more!

When you register forThe Shakti Summit, you willbecome part of a global sisterhood of women from youth to elders who recognize and honor their Shakti as the source of their pleasure and power.

Whatever life stage youre in and whether youre single or in partnership youll receive deep insights from luminous teachers about practical ways to bring more pleasure into each day.

Register now and get ready to embrace the true beauty and blessings of your womanhood.

>> Click to RSVP here forThe Shakti Summit Live (or Get Recording) free of charge <<

sacred feminine inner power

PS What people are saying aboutThe Shakti Summit:

The Shakti Summitwas engaging, playful and profound. A celebration of the Divine Feminine that broke new ground. Events like this help heal the split in the feminine psyche and between the masculine and feminine by empowering women and encouraging them to be the wonderfully sexual/sensual creatures that we are.

Beautifully clear, passionate and joyful presentations of females as creative force. Wish Id had this knowledge and field of female elders in high school. What a different world when this guidance is offered as a right-of-passage initiation for all females.

The Summit provided empowerment tools, skills and insights that open the door to a vast realm of resources, vital to embrace the fullness of ones path. Sadhana Mi (Josefe-Marie Verna)>> Join this Event here<<

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you are an ocean in a drop

Feminine way to Awakening via Ego Relaxation

Relaxing Into GodHave your efforts to awaken spiritually left you feeling at odds with parts of your normal humanity and stuck in the struggle?

What if there was a more feminine approach to awakening that was kinder, more embracing of your humanity and more effective?

If you want to stop battling with your ego and instead receive graceful divine support that will melt away your suffering, meet Miranda Macpherson.

Miranda offers an integrated, distinctly feminine approach to self-realization that reveals the radiant majesty and indescribable beauty at your core, as well as a path of awakening filled with the blessings of grace.

Im excited to let you know that Miranda will be sharing more on Wednesday, June 4, at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern, during her free virtual event, The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation.

I hope youll join us. Miranda has an exquisite capacity for profound insight and a loving heart that will invite you to release aversions to any aspect of yourself and open to deeper dimensions of consciousness.

>> Reserve your free spot here for Live Event or sing-up for Recording <<

During this session, youll discover how to:

  • Relax into realization, rather than chase after specific states
  • Feel the healing presence of unconditional love AS you
  • Why the impulse to chase after God takes you out of the receptive state, blocking your availability to boundless dimensions
  • How to experience grace through difficult life passages that may be the opposite of what you want at the time
  • Apply key pillars for awakening that allow you to begin functioning in the living stream of boundless love, wisdom and guidance

Dont miss this opportunity to hear Miranda share her teachings, which are rooted in two decades worth of direct experiences and inspired by extensive study of the worlds mystical traditions.

Shell reveal her secrets for softening your egos control structures, relaxing into a larger field of grace and experiencing the healing presence of your true nature.

Its >> FREE to attend and youll Receive a Recording later if you cant listen live <<
During The 7 Pillars of Awakening: A Feminine Approach to Spiritual Liberation through Ego Relaxation, Miranda Macpherson will illuminate practices that let you finally relax into your essential nature and drink from the well of grace at the core of your being. Again, this event is free. >> Simply RSVP here <<

you are the entire ocean in a drop

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The feminine mystic unveiled

The path of feminine mysticism unveiled – live event & replay

Feminine Mystic Unveiled

Discover Your True Beloved

So often we spend our lives chasing an experience of being loved in the outer world and forget that a sublime and even ecstatic relationship with the True Beloved is available within us.

Embracing the Divine as our ultimate Beloved is a time-honored spiritual path that historys female mystics, in particular, have walked with inspiring grace.

What can you learn from these remarkable women about how you can have a tender, devotional and even erotic relationship with the Beloved at the core of your spiritual life?

Please join me and thousands of seekers of an ecstatic relationship with the Divine, on Saturday, March 12, when mystic-scholar Mirabai Starr presents The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved.

You can reserve your FREE spot here

Mirabai will share the profound experience of devotion at the heart of the lives of many of the great female mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, and how you, too, can unite with the Beloved and live in a rarified state while still engaging in grounded action and service in the world

During this inspiring hour, youll discover:

  • How to say yes to longing at the core of your pathway to the Divine
  • The power and beauty born of spiritual desire and devotion
  • Devotional practices that help unite you with the Beloved and see the Divine in the eyes of others
  • How to be more available to moments of ecstasy in your daily life
  • So join me for this powerful reclamation of the feminine path that is enlivening, ecstatic and truly soul-nourishing.

Its FREE to attend, but youll need to register here

PS: If youre seeking an ecstatic path of devotion, I invite you to begin to explore and open to a relationship with the Beloved Other, which youll learn much more about through Mirabai Starrs event: The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved.

As a registered participant, youll receive a downloadable audio of the presentation. Save your space here for this free virtual eventTheFeminine Mysticism Unveiled.

The feminine mystic unveiled

Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved

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Divine Feminine Soul

Need a Dose of the Divine Feminine?

Divine Feminine Soul

Align your New Years intentions with the manifesting power of the Universe and experience more ease, greater flow and truly
delightful results.

Fortify Your New Years Resolutions Birthing Your Best Year Yet

Each year the New Year brings with it the opportunity to set goals, make resolutions to do more of this and less of that, so we can become even better versions of ourselves than ever been before.

If youre like me, youve probably jumped on the new-and-improved bandwagon every year for as long as you can remember. Its just what we do… and its pretty much what everybody does this time of year.

But hold on for just a moment. I have a very important question for you: Hows all that resolving and reaching for more/bigger/better really working for you?

Unfortunately for many women, especially those of us called to embrace and live from our Divine Feminine, the result is anything but positive, because we are attempting to manifest in a way that runs counter to the more organic unfolding of our life energy as well as our biology and psychology.

But what if there was a different way… a gentler way, aligned with our feminine rhythms and cycles?

And what if you could manifest your brightest you – powerfully – and without the stress and overwhelm of trying to push things into reality?

If you resonate with this idea as much as I do, I have great news! My friend Devaa Haley Mitchell is ready to share this gentler, feminine-honoring approach to self-improvement during a free virtual event, Wednesday, January 13 at 5:30pm Pacific. Its called Birthing Your Best Year Yet: Drawing Upon the Great Mother for Creative Manifestation.

>> Find out more and register now for this video-streamed event or recording if missed <<

Devaa, the founder of the Inspiring Women Summit, will help you redesign your life with more love and ease…and a good bit of magic. Shes worked with tens of thousands around the world in transforming their lives and creating a society that honors and celebrates the feminine on all levels, from our bodies to our world.

Shell look at the way women naturally create with more joy and how to connect yourself to larger fields of energy to show up in a full-spectrum way.

You dont want to miss this event! Please register now to attend or, if you cant attend live, register to receive the replay recording.

During this free online event, Devaa will help you tap into the Divine Mothers overflowing wellspring to nourish your heart and create a path to deeper meaning and fulfillment. She will also offer new tools to help you align your own intentions with feminine patterns of creation for greater ease of manifestation.

Register now for this exciting video-streamed event (and even if you missed it, youll receive a downloadable replay later)

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