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Yoga Day International

Yoga Day summitFrom Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science

Creating the beautiful future our hearts know is possible requires us to make positive changes in our lives that support us in becoming more radiantly healthy, spiritually awake and passionately engaged.

Yoga is a powerful path to do ALL of these.

On June 21, 2016 the UNs International Day of Yoga The Yoga Day Summit will give you an unparalleled opportunity to experience and celebrate the beauty, power and depth of yoga as a vehicle for living a divine life and creating a world built on oneness.

Amazing teachers including H.H. Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, Seane Corn, Mooji, Shiva Rea, Michael A. Singer, Janet Stone, Ana Forrest, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Tommy Rosen, Kia Miller and others will share their deep wisdom on a vast array of fascinating subjects that can empower you to take your practice to the next level and make your best contribution to our world.

The Yoga Day Summit is a FREE full day online event that will explore the world of yoga from its ancient roots in India to todays global movement of transformation. (And the videos will stay online for you to enjoy, too!).

Join a global community of yogis sages, musicians, scientists and beloved teachers from around the globe to discover yoga practices, guided meditations and healing breathwork for restoring, balancing and invigorating your body, mind and soul.

Youll also receive incredible access to exceptional video and audio sessions that can help you experience deeper levels of the Karma, Bhakti, Jnana and Raja paths of yoga.

>> Click to RSVP here for The Yoga Day Summit Live Event Free Sign-up to Replay or Get Recordings if missed <<

In this free event, youll hear, watch & learn:

  • In depth interviews with Indias most respected spiritual leaders
  • The world premiere of UPLIFTs new film The Science of Yoga, sharing the latest medical and scientific research about the healing benefits of yoga
  • NY Times bestselling author Michael A. Singer sharing on yoga and The Untethered Soul and Karma yoga and The Surrender Experiment
  • Deep insights on the various streams of yoga traditions
  • The physical, mental, emotional & spiritual benefits of yoga in modern times
  • Exciting ways yoga can help transform culture, societal structures & business
  • Yogic wisdom for maintaining peace when facing social injustice
  • The most hopeful grassroots developments were experiencing through yoga today
  • How Yoga is awakening the Sacred Feminine
  • Interviews and musical performances by top Kirtan musicians

And much more!

During The Yoga Day Summit, youll also have the opportunity to participate in powerful experiential activities, including a global wave of sun salutations around the world, a global unification meditation, as well as asana, breathing and mantra practices.

You can also participate in local events and give back to India, the birthplace of yoga.

If youre ready to live as a beautiful expression of the Divine every day, join me and the extraordinary presenters at this powerful summit.

>> Click here to RSVP for The Yoga Day Summit Live Event at no charge <<

Danielle Brown yoga instructor photo by Robert Sturman

Whatever your experience with yoga, The Yoga Day Summit can help you take a quantum leap in your practice. If youre newer to yoga, youll be inspired to evolve your practice and dramatically improve your entire lifestyle.
Or if youre an experienced teacher, youll discover whats on the forefront of the yoga world enlightening your students and taking your classes, studio or workshops to the next level.

>> RSVP here for The Yoga Day Summit:From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Science <<

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Shapeshifting – Ancient Shamanic Practices – Modern way

Shapeshifting - Shamanic PracticesChanging your reality with John Perkins

Many indigenous elders have said that the most important thing we can do is shift the dream of the West from consumerism to a Dream that is more life-affirming, spiritually fulfilling, and sustainable.

I’m sure you agree this is vital for our personal well-being and our collective ability to survive and thrive.

But how do we do it?

The answer is to harness the shamanic skills of shapeshifting- skills that allow us to shift our consciousness at the deepest levels of our being, both personally and collectively.

On Saturday, May 7 you have the opportunity to learn how from bestselling author John Perkins, author of 9 books including his latest book, New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, which offers sobering truths and inspiring transformational practices.

During Shamanic Practices to Change Your Reality: The Art of Shapeshifting for Personal Power & Co-Creating Real Social Change, he’ll guide you in a modern application of ancient shamanic practices to shift body, mind, soul, and even societal institutions.

>> Click to Sign up here for this exciting Live Event or to Get a Recording <<

John’s depth of experience and commitment to this work are unrivaled. If you don’t know his story, John used to work as an “economic hit man” before going through HIS life-altering shift, guided by master shamans. Today, John has become a leading voice and change agent for global transformation.

If you participate, John will share:

  • A fascinating diagnosis of the current state of our collective dream and what you can do to shift it
  • The essential practices of Shapeshifting, applied in a modern context
  • Teachings on shamanic practices that let you channel your vision into action
  • An actual shamanic journey to discover your higher purpose and identify your hearts desire

Given the personal, professional and societal benefits of learning to shift our Dream at the root level of our consciousness, this call is not to be missed:

>> Let’s each contribute to the shift to a new Dream! RSVP here <<

Heres what people say about Johns shamanic work:

John Perkins inspires us to get up and take action to create a more just and equitable world.
Jack Canfield, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Only a handful of visionaries have recognized that indigenous wisdom can aid the transition to a sustainable world. John Perkins… brings great insight for an industrial civilization.
Edgar Mitchell, ScD, Founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciencess

John Perkins eloquently portrays how changing our dream can propel us into shapeshifting not only ourselves but also the reality of the world around us. Perkins is a bridge.
Kenny Ausubel, Founder, Collective Heritage Institute, Author of Restoring the Earth and Seeds of Change

>> Click to Reserve Your Spot now for this Exciting Live Event or to Get a Recording <<

modern ancient shamanic practice

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Laughter Medicine: Karma Talk – event

Laughter Medicine Karma TalkAre you giving up hope that the world will ever change?

If so, Im excited to invite you to a special enlightening up event on Friday, April 1 (yep, April Fools Day!) called: Karma Talk: An April Fools Day Cosmic Comedy Special, with Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda!

>RSVP here forLive Event or to get a Recording if missed <<

Join us and let Swamis special brand of heart-opening humor help you discover how laughter can shift every aspect of your life for the better, AND how it can be a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Not only will the Swami be delivering – live and in person – his annual State of the Universe Address, and not only will Swami answer your questions, you will question his answers. If you’re looking for an opportunity to laugh, laugh, laugh till the sacred cows come home, this is it!

Hell brighten your outlook on our collective challenges and show how humor can heal the world.

During this hour-long enlightened comedy event, youll enjoy:

  • Wisdom disguised as comedy, and comedy disguised as wisdom.
  • Plenty of opportunities to laugh out loud about what silly geese we humans are.
  • Heartening laughter and inspiration regarding our current political dysfunction.
  • A chance to get your question answered by the Swami himself.
  • Swami guarantees this April Fools Day event will leave you lightened and brightened or double your karma back!

Swami is going to help you navigate these times when the Shift is hitting the fan, and on this call only, youll be able to ask Swami questions about how to open your heart and enlighten your mind with laughter. No question is too mundane or too profound. If something is puzzling you, ask the Swami and have it puzzle him too!

Its time to put into practice what you already know: laughter makes everything better, and changing the world CAN be fun!

>> Its FREE to attend simply register, here <<

Let humor and a “God’s-eye-view” of the circumstances we find ourselves currently in including our current challenges with electile dysfunction catapult you out of the muck and mire during Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondanandas: Karma Talk: An April Fools Day Cosmic Comedy Special!

Comedy Is The Finest Drug, Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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The feminine mystic unveiled

The path of feminine mysticism unveiled – live event & replay

Feminine Mystic Unveiled

Discover Your True Beloved

So often we spend our lives chasing an experience of being loved in the outer world and forget that a sublime and even ecstatic relationship with the True Beloved is available within us.

Embracing the Divine as our ultimate Beloved is a time-honored spiritual path that historys female mystics, in particular, have walked with inspiring grace.

What can you learn from these remarkable women about how you can have a tender, devotional and even erotic relationship with the Beloved at the core of your spiritual life?

Please join me and thousands of seekers of an ecstatic relationship with the Divine, on Saturday, March 12, when mystic-scholar Mirabai Starr presents The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved.

You can reserve your FREE spot here

Mirabai will share the profound experience of devotion at the heart of the lives of many of the great female mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, and how you, too, can unite with the Beloved and live in a rarified state while still engaging in grounded action and service in the world

During this inspiring hour, youll discover:

  • How to say yes to longing at the core of your pathway to the Divine
  • The power and beauty born of spiritual desire and devotion
  • Devotional practices that help unite you with the Beloved and see the Divine in the eyes of others
  • How to be more available to moments of ecstasy in your daily life
  • So join me for this powerful reclamation of the feminine path that is enlivening, ecstatic and truly soul-nourishing.

Its FREE to attend, but youll need to register here

PS: If youre seeking an ecstatic path of devotion, I invite you to begin to explore and open to a relationship with the Beloved Other, which youll learn much more about through Mirabai Starrs event: The Feminine Mystic Unveiled: Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved.

As a registered participant, youll receive a downloadable audio of the presentation. Save your space here for this free virtual eventTheFeminine Mysticism Unveiled.

The feminine mystic unveiled

Embracing the Divine as Your Beloved

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replace your old story with new one

From Chrysalis to Butterfly – Change your old story to a new one

Enter the Chrysalis & Learn How to Release Your Old Story & Grow Wings to Fly

Entering the Chrysalis to Learn How to Release Your Old Story & Grow Wings to Fly

Free virtual event with myth-making genius Luisah Teish

Have you ever taken stock of the stories you tell about yourself and your life?

Are they stories that empower you to new possibilities, or ones that drain your energy and undermine your ability to express your souls full potential?

Breaking free and living as the radiant being that is your souls true destiny commands that your story aligns with this truth.

And theres no one better at guiding you into your new story than writer, performer and myth-making genius Luisah Teish. Teish, as she prefers to be called, is a master shifter of stories, and on Saturday March 5th, Teish will give you the power tools to re-script your life during a free virtual mini-workshop: From chrysalis to butterfly: How to Release Your Old Story & Grow Wings to Fly.

>> Get the full story and reserve your complimentary spot here <<( or get the recording)

In this free call event, youll:

  • Begin to break free from the personal myth that has directed your life.
  • Understand the archetypal personalities of mythological characters that have shaped your self-image since childhood.
  • Connect with the magic of how to change your interior to change your external world.
  • Dwell in deeper levels of emotional neutrality around lifes greatest challenges.

>> All you need to do is sign up here and you’re in <<

PS: This call will be recorded and everyone who registers will receive the recording. Dont miss your chance to experience one of todays great storytelling geniuses as she shares how you can work with your personal myth to bring more laughter, freedom and release into your life.

>>From chrysalis to butterfly – Claim your free seat here <<

Replace your old story with new one

Know Thyself to Become Better!



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take care of your body

What’s Body Intelligence or BQ for short

Body Intelligence Summit

Join Body Intelligence Summit: Thriving Bodies – Thriving World

The Body Intelligence Summit: Join 25+ Top Experts (recording available)

Weve all been raised in a disembodied world

Sitting endless hours at our desks, staring at screens and disconnected from ALL of our senses in a culture that values learning through our intellect almost exclusively.

Too often, we think of our bodies like machines we need to maintain so that we can keep going instead of honoring them as divine expressions of our wondrous universe and the source of loving presence that allows us to fully engage in our lives!

As a result, we lose a bit of our spark the light that animates us and makes us feel alive. We might experience chronic stress and health issues, or feel uninspired and depleted. Our authentic connection with ourselves, our community and our environment is also affected.

This is why I’m passionate about you (and everyone who matters to you most!) joining me for The Body Intelligence Summit. Discover your bodys innate wisdom and fire up your life force energy!


>> Free Online Event: The Body Intelligence Summit – February 16-19(Missed it? Register & replay…)

This series will features 25+ of the worlds top experts in this emergent field including Eileen Fisher, Dean Ornish, Gay & Katie Hendricks, Shiva Rea, Russ Hudson, Jon Eisman and others who will share powerful practices and insights to help you elevate your Body Intelligence (BQ).

When youve mastered Body Intelligence, you experience more radiance, joy and vitality. Youre more creative, have more fulfilling relationships and are more healthy, resilient and physically vibrant. PLUS youre more inspired tolive your dreams and impact positive change in the world as well.

I hope youll participate in this extraordinary online gathering presented by The Shift Network, February 16-19.

Whether youre young or old, in good health or poor, a dancer or desk jockey the guidance from this series can be applied to make a positive difference in your daily life, your relationships, your work and your contributions to our global family.

Whatever your level of BQ, the speakers in The Body Intelligence Summit will help you go to go further drawing from neurobiology, breathwork, dance and transformational healing modalities to unleash your undiscovered potential.
During this inspiring 3-day summit, youll:

Shift to living a body-centered life.
Learn to live every day more grounded, focused & present.
Work more creatively & productively (more flow!).
Relate more fully to yourself, loved ones & community.
Have more access to your innate energy, vitality & intuition.
Cultivate a sense of deep nourishment.
Feel less tension in your body.
Be able to make decisions clearly & quickly.
Expand your connection to the world around you.
Set yourself up to have a truly joyful life.

Join the amazing panel of presenters and global participants and get ready to embark on a journey that promises to supercharge all areas of your life and illuminate new ways of engaging with this beautiful world.

>> RSVP here for The Body Intelligence Summit at no charge <<

PS Heres what past Body Intelligence Summit participants have to say about their experience:

Just listening to the presentations was a daily encouragement to return to the body and its wisdom. I was most moved by approaches using movement to source both, and have been allowing my body to “move” me. The result was easy access to my child nature and joy!
~Valerie Bird

I am so much more aware of my body’s intelligent language now and am paying more attention to what it is telling me about what I should be doing and how to make decisions including its wisdom.
~Patrick Yesh

This summit was an amazing experience. It brought so much positive vibes and reminded us of the essential principles of our human existence. I absolutely support and am deeply grateful for the efforts and the time put into this wonderful week. Thank you all!
~Neda Cepincic

RSVP here for The Body Intelligence Summit(or Register forRecording if missed it earlier)
take care of your body

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Chakra Power Up Your Charge

Chakra Expert Event – Powering Up Your Charge

Chakra Healing Free Event - Enter Charge Activation Training

Power Up Your Charge – The Vital Key to Healing and Awakening your Life Force

The Vital Key to Healing and awakening your Life Force (replay if missed)

Im excited to invite you to join the #1 best-selling expert on the chakra system, Anodea Judith, as she shares how you can: Power-Up Your Charge.

What exactly is Charge?

Its your core life force, which powers everything you do.

You can receive great insights about how to enhance and optimize your charge during a FREEFebruary 6 seminar with Anodea: Powering Up Your Charge: The Vital Key to Healing & Awakening Your Life Force

>> Get all the details and RSVP here

When your charge is blocked or diminished, you can feel off balance, out of control and stuck in victim consciousness. Yet, when your charge is more balanced, open and integrated, your life simply works better, with more health, energy, and positive emotions.

During this complimentary workshop, youll discover practical ways to enhance your charge, such as:

  • How to expand your comfort zone of charge to integrate a full spectrum experience from the meditative to the ecstatic
  • Why charge is essential to heal the residue of past trauma you may still carry
  • How your body can act as a battery to store charge so its ever-present
  • How to manage charge in your relationships so it empowers you and others

After nearly 40 years of teaching cutting edge psychology, energy, and consciousness and writing what are considered the definitive books on the subject, Wheels of Life and Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea knows exactly what works (and what doesnt) to bring optimal charge into your life.

You wont want to miss this opportunity to receive wisdom and practices from this world-renowned expert beloved by yoga teachers, therapists, psychologists, and spiritual seekers alike.

>> Its FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you cant listen live.

This mini-workshop is particularly valuable for therapists, coaches, healers, and practitioners who want to enhance their understanding of the energetic dimension of transformation and growth.

PS: Anodea Judith will reveal techniques that elevate understanding of energy, consciousness, and personal evolution and build your capacity for more charge.

>> This event is free all you need to do is register here <<

Chakra Power Up Your Charge

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Goddesses In You

Goddesses in Everywoman Event

Goddesses In You

RSVP to Learn How Discovering Your Natural Archetype can Lyberate Your Full Expression

Which ancient goddesses are stirring within you? Find out during a free virtual event w/Jean Shinoda Bolen.

It was Carl Jung who theorized that we are all influenced by invisible archetypes that shape our behavior and influence our inner world.

Discovering and working with these archetypes can open us to powerful forces of transformation. For women in particular, this means accessing the energies symbolized by ancient goddesses, each of which represents a core dimension of femininity.

When we unveil the archetypal energies present within us, we gain profound insights into how we can live more meaningful, authentic and joyous lives. We access more power, depth, and wisdom.

So, its with great excitement that I invite you to a special FREE online event featuring bestselling author Jean Shinoda Bolen! Jeans groundbreaking book, Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes in Womens Lives, became an instant classic when it was published 30 years ago, and it remains a foundational work for feminist psychology today.

And now, for the first time on Saturday, January 30, at 10am Pacific (Replay if missed) you can go beyond the book and experience Jeans revolutionary teachings during a complimentary virtual event: Goddesses in Everywoman: How Discovering Your Natural Archetype Can Liberate Your Full Expression.

>> Reserve your free spot here for this exciting new offering <<

During this hour-long mini workshop with Jean, youll discover:

  • A simple test to reveal which goddesses are currently influencing you
  • How becoming aware of the mythic dimensions of your life choices can inspire deeper creativity and greater fulfillment
  • How stepping past fears and self-imposed limitations can awaken the life-enhancing energies of a new goddess archetype to guide you
  • Why every woman is a woman-in-between acted on from within by goddess archetypes and from without by cultural stereotypes and expectations
  • How the potential shadow qualities of each archetype can cause problems and conflicts
  • How to harness the energies of two transformational currents theclaiming of your signature goddess archetype and the expanded knowledge of how the other six can contribute to your soul purpose

There has never been a better time for you to fulfill your potential by embracing and embodying your true Self!

Youre not going to want to miss this opportunity to embark with Jean on a fascinating journey into mythology, self-awareness and deep transformation.

Heres what some of Jeans esteemed colleagues are saying aboutGoddesses in Everywoman:

The highest value of this book lies in the moments of recognition it provides: that insightful second when we understand and internalize, when we recognize what we ourselves have experienced, feel trust because of that truth, and then are taken one step further.
Gloria Steinem

A glorious book. Jean Shinoda Bolen’s weaving of myth, science, and keen observation makes this an outstanding contribution to the humanities.
Rita Mae Brown

I hope to “see” you at this destined-to-be compelling virtual event! Its FREE to attend and you will receive a recording if you cant listen live.

During Goddesses in Everywoman: How Discovering Your Natural Archetype Can Liberate Your Full Expression, Jean Shinoda Bolen will show you how understanding and cultivating the goddess archetypes within you can expand your self-knowledge, enrich your relationships and deepen your sense of meaning and purpose.

>> This event is free but requires registration, RSVP here <<

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black history month event

Celebrate Black History Month with us

black history month celebration event

Discover Powerful Pathways to Collective Healing and a THRIVING World!

In recent times, its easy to experience heartbreak over the struggles facing our communities and our global family even our own loved ones.

Everywhere you turn, it seems you hear about (and sometimes even witness first-hand) violence, racism, corruption, planetary destruction, human rights abuses and more.

And it can be difficult to know where to turn to find the inspiration, soul-powered practices and guidance we need to not only transcend these challenges, but to discover UNITY as well as great personal and collective healing.

Thats why I want to invite you to a life-changing (and culture-changing!) free online gathering, theAfrican American Wisdom Summit.

This series features such an impressive line-up of visionaries, community leaders and cultural change advocates including people like LeVar Burton, Dr. Cynthia James, Michael Sam, Nikki Giovanni, Sonya Renee Taylor, Luisah Teish and so many others.

To honor Black History Month in a truly unique way, African Americans and allies of every ethnicity are coming together to explore ways of addressing our history of injustice while also celebrating the positive steps being taken to create a society where EVERYONE thrives.

I hope youll participate in this extraordinary FREE online event presented by The Shift Network.

RSVP here for The African American Wisdom Summit at no charge.

During this powerful month-long gathering, well cherish the unique flavors, traditions and spiritual wisdom that African Americans (and others of the African Diaspora) contribute to our society through wise leadership, profound artistry, words of truth and inspired actions that transcend what we believe to be possible.

Join to discover:

  • Ways you can become empowered to create change by using your heart, your voice and your connection with Spirit
  • Accessible, soul-powered practices you can use in your daily life to support personal and collective healing
  • A deeper awareness of the African American experience and the unspoken power dynamics people of color face every day
  • Positive, inspirational stories of individuals making positive shifts (both large and small) despite facing racism
  • Self-care, creativity and other restorative practices that can help you sustain inspired action in social justice work
  • A fascinating look at the embodied, holistic, spiritual healing traditions of Africa and the African diaspora
  • Effective ways to integrate the wisdom that is naturally, organically and authentically within you and your community

Nows the time to ignite a great transformation that reunites our American family, fosters the healing of the past, and forges a more sacred future together.

This extraordinary gathering is not only for African Americans, but for ALL citizens of the world who wish to be blessed, transformed and bear witness tothe flowering of real genius and great love from a people who have gleanedprofound wisdom in the process of transcending a traumatized history.

Register for this illuminating event and become inspired and empowered to create sustainable changes… in your life, your neighborhood and in our global community.

>> RSVP here for The African American Wisdom Summit <<

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