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enneagram personality map

Discover the Power of Enneagram

Power of EnneagramBreak Free of Your Unconscious Patterns

What if you had a roadmap a “soul-map” for understanding who you are and what makes the people around you tick?

A time-tested system that integrates your whole being and can be applied to every area of your life?

And what if this map could help you tap into your essential nature, resulting in truly authentic relationships and a deep sense of living on purpose?

This map exists, and its the Enneagram… a powerful personality typing system that serves as a powerful gateway to your inner wisdom and can shed light on behaviors which might be undermining your ability to access wholeness, true intimacy and fulfilment of your lifes dreams.

And I’m excited to invite you to The Enneagram Global Summit, June 7-10, where youll gain access to the top Enneagram teachers and begin to apply this profound tool to dramatically improve your relationships and empower you to make your unique contributions to the world!

Plus youll discover key insights and practices to break free from unhealthy patterns, reconnect with your true Self and realize your highest potential.

This special gathering will feature 20 of the worlds top experts including people like Helen Palmer, Russ Hudson, Cheryl Richardson, Katie Hendricks, David Daniels, Robert Holden, Hameed Ali, Jessica Dibb and others sharing the latest insights and applications to integrate into your own personal growth journey and to take your Enneagram knowledge deeper.

>> RSVP here for The Enneagram Global Summit at no charge <<

During this unparalleled 4-day event, youll discover:

  • How to open to the deepest truths of your soul
  • Ways to connect to your true nature
  • Practices for experiencing inner freedom
  • The fears & desires that motivate you and others
  • How to dismantle your harmful & self-sabotaging patterns
  • Deeper relationships with your family, friends, co-workers & community
  • Essential skills to effectively help others help themselves
  • How to tap into new inspiration & cultivate your creativity
  • A profound sense of belonging & interconnectedness
  • Greater self-acceptance, self-love & compassion for others
  • Your unique gifts, so that you can share them with the world
  • How to live with less rigidity and more grace, ease & flow

And much More!

If youre new to this powerful system, the 2016 Enneagram Global Summit will guide you to the best tests and practices for determining your individual type including ways to differentiate between look-alike types. Youll start working with the core patterns of your type and begin to connect with the parts of yourself that respond to life spontaneously and creatively.

If youre already well-versed in the Enneagram, there are many insights here for you, too, and opportunities to take your work with the Enneagram deeper.

If you want a greater connection with your unique gifts, as well as with more self-acceptance, self-love and compassion for others, join us and the amazing panel of other presenters for this life-changing event.

>> RSVP here for The Enneagram Global Summit at no charge <<


enneagram personality map
PS Here are just a few quotes from previous participants of The Enneagram Global Summit:

It’s amazing to have the top experts speaking about a most transformative subject, and to have access to them in the comfort of your own home, especially in India, where too few events on this subject take place. Rohini

Such depths, such vastness I touched into as I listened to each unique approach by this amazing array of Enneagram experts! My creativity is on fire with the inspiration of powerful new ways to use this incredible healing map!

The Global Enneagram Summit brought me back to a place of wonder, curiosity and hopefulness. The concepts of Divine Humanity and Essence provided an expansive focus in working with the material. Rebecca

While having a second listen of this Summit with my husband of 33 years, I had an aha moment and was able to understand and explain my reaction to a frequent challenge we have had throughout our marriage WOW! Connie

By the end of this Summit, I was ready to give myself wholeheartedly to teaching the Enneagram. I wish the whole world had been there! It was life-giving, and the embodiment of the wisdom in each of the speakers was a profound gift. I am ready now to claim my own. Holly

>> RSVP here for The Enneagram Global Summit at no charge <<

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Enneagram wings and subtypes

Enneagram for Awakening – Test Figuring out Your Types

Enneagram for Awakening

Find out How to Use the Enneagram for Awakening: Balancing Instinctual Drives in Your Souls Evolution

Find out How the Enneagram illuminates your Instincts and your Soul

What if you could find an accurate and reliable blueprint for understanding yourself, your subconscious drives and even your soul.

You can. Its called the Enneagram. You may have even heard of it or dabbled in figuring out your type. And all too frequently the awareness ends with, Im an 8 with a 5 wing, which of course doesnt take your life to the next level!

However, when you give yourself the gift of going deeper, with the guidance of a master teacher, understanding the Enneagrambecomes something akin to a spiritual awakening. It illuminates your heights and your depths with penetrating clarity.

If youd like to take your understanding of the Enneagram deeper so that it can serve your transformation, then I have a very special invitation for you:

OnWednesday, February 17, Enneagram pioneer Russ Hudson will present a FREE online event:How to Use the Enneagram for Awakening: Balancing Instinctual Drives in Your Souls Evolution.

You can register here for live webcast or to get a recording to listen later

Too often, we perpetuate a split between the higher and lower aspects of our nature and in this call, Russ will offer you a more unified understanding. Youll better understand how instinctual drives that we often think of as lower are essential as part of our journey.

During this virtual workshop, youll discover:

  • Why developing each of the instinctual drives is so important to your souls evolution
  • The gift of the sexual instinct: the passionate, fiery, and unstoppable commitment to drive toward what you want
  • The gift of the self-preservation instinct to provide discipline, structure and consistency to your life
  • The gift of the social instinct, taking us out of narcissism and into enlightened service
  • How to balance these instinctual drives in your spiritual evolution

Russ Hudson is known as one of the most illuminating and wise teachers of the Enneagram. He draws upon his extensive spiritual studies and practices to show how the Enneagram connects the dots between the most primal parts of your psychology – commonly called instinctual drives – and the most esoteric levels of what we traditionally call the soul.

If youre currently a fan of the Enneagram or a dabbler, but want to go to the next level, this groundbreaking exploration will help youopen up a deeper and richer understanding of the Enneagrams blueprint of your personality and soul.

PS –DuringHow to Use the Enneagram for Awakening: Balancing Instinctual Drives in Your Souls Evolution,Russ Hudson will show you howto deepen your self-understanding, explore how your instincts connect to your higher nature, and receive wisdom for the specific liberation pathway for your type.

This event is free but requires registration. RSVP here

Understanding theEnneagram

Take free Enneagram personality test at: enneagraminstitute.com

The Enneagram is one of the worlds oldest models for understanding how humans relate to each other and the divine. It allows you to identify which type of passion dominates your personality. Taking an enneagram test allows you to know your personality better and help in your personal growth.


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