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Find Your Inner Peace Discover Practices to Calm Reactivity, Cultivate Empathy & Embody Love During Difficult Times

Discover How to Tune Into Your Core of Love & Cultivate Peace Inside Yourself

In Find Your Inner Peace: Discover Practices to Calm Reactivity, Cultivate Empathy & Embody Love During Difficult Times, you’ll discover the deep wisdom and experience-based knowledge you need to take yourself to the next level of living in peace. As you discover how to tune into your core of love, you’ll welcome in more peace […]

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Activate Charge in Your Chakras for Deep & Transformative Healing

Anodea’s powerful approach to working with charge helps you resolve trauma and clear energy blocks… and harness your life force in service of your spiritual evolution. Her teachings combine principles of energy theory, psychology, and practical exercises. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to receive wisdom and energy psychology practices from this world-renowned expert […]

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