Mediumship Classes – How to Communicate with Loved Ones & Others in the Spirit World

Medium Communication Advanced Practices to Deepen Your Connection With Loved Ones Through Sacred Mediumship

Diminish your fear of death by developing your mediumship powers.

Would you like to be able to connect with loved ones who have passed — to give and receive love, forgiveness, and guidance…

Or even communicate beyond the veil to provide these special connections for others?

We each have these capacities… which can be uncovered, accessed, and strengthened through the age-old practice of mediumship.

With the right belief, intention, and shift in our perception of reality, you can access these innate powers — and learn to connect with the Other Side deeply and easily. 

On Saturday, December 14 (Encore) mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann will share fascinating insights into her powerful approach to mediumship, along with an easy practice to help you open to your own mediumship capabilities during a FREE video event, Deepen Your Connection With Loved Ones Through Sacred Mediumship.

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Medium Communication Advanced Practices to Deepen Your Connection With Loved Ones Through Sacred Mediumship

During this special hour, you’ll explore:

  • Evidential mediumship, why it’s sacred, and how to begin communicating with your loved ones on the Other Side
  • The key to moving beyond individual pieces of factual information — to access in-depth, evidence-filled stories from across the veil
  • Why a “miracle mindset” is essential for trusting yourself and the Spirit World — and for receiving the abundant guidance that’s always there
  • Where the Spirit World is — and what’s actually happening when you connect with a guide
  • A guided, experiential practice to instantly clear and refresh your energetic field to support strong spirit connections and deeper readings

Suzanne’s approach to the age-old practice of mediumship has been tested and verified, and her work is recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and organizations.

Honing your mediumship powers through her “evidence-based” mediumship can help diminish your fear of death — by validating the belief that there’s life beyond the veil and that we’re all part of something so much greater than the visible world.

Anyone can learn to connect with the Spirit World, says Suzanne, because we all have the same “equipment” — a soul.

Suzanne’s teachings and practices can nourish both your spiritual life and your daily life, by expanding your understanding of soul and bringing greater peace, healing, and love into your life and our world.

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In this special hour with Suzanne Giesemann, you’ll discover an “evidence-based” approach to mediumship to make reliable connections with the Spirit World  — and validate the authenticity of information received.

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