Sound Therapy Body Healing Tuning Fork Treatments Release Fear & Increase Self-love

Free up stuck energies in your electric body to feel healthier and happier

Did you know that halfway between each chakra is a powerful energy zone often missed in many energy teachings?

Renowned sound therapy practitioner and author Eileen McKusick discovered the importance of these “half-step” energy zones during her decades of pioneering research on the human biofield (the energy field that surrounds and permeates your body).

Specifically, she’s discovered that sound healing with a tuning fork focused on these areas can help root out unbeneficial subconscious beliefs and stories, habitual reactions — and even ancestral wounds.

On Saturday, July 13, Eileen will help you discover and experience the balancing effects that a tuning fork can have on your biofield during a FREE video event: Discover Tuning for Your WHOLE Electric Body: Harmonize Your Biofield, Clear Blocked Energy & Raise Your ‘Voltage.’

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Discover Tuning for Your WHOLE Electric Body - Harmonize Your Biofield, Clear Blocked Energy & Raise Your Voltage

During this experiential hour, you’ll:

  • View your body as electromagnetic to gain important insights into where your vital energy may be stuck 
  • Learn the “half steps” of your biofield anatomy, where the subtle imbalances of your sympathetic nervous system can be detected and harmonized — before they escalate
  • Discover how harmonizing your half steps can raise your “voltage” for more energy, better stress management, more patience, and restful sleep
  • Find out which of your biofield half steps need “tuning” to become more receptive, grounded, playful, lighthearted, and connected to the earth and cosmos
  • Experience a tuning fork treatment through your “High Heart” energy zone to release fears of doing things wrong and about what others think, boosting your immunity, and increasing your capacity for self-love

You won’t want to miss experiencing this whole-body “tuning,” which can free you up to feel more grounded… and open to receiving and creating, lightheartedness, playfulness, and happiness… emotions which are beneficial to your immune system. 

Plus, if you’ve ever experienced sound healing, you know that it can leave you in a delicious state of calm and relaxation!

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This is the author's quick (excerpt) intro on his method. You can learn more by joining free event: Discover Your Electric Body: Keys to Tuning Your Biofield for Total Wellbeing, and how a tuning fork can help address adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, autoimmune disorders, and anxiety to bring your body into “harmonic resonance.” Short link to remember:

In Discover Tuning for Your WHOLE Electric Body: Harmonize Your Biofield, Clear Blocked Energy & Raise Your ‘Voltage,’ you’ll discover your “electric body” and biofield, and how to clear energy blocks in your “half-step” energy zones to harmonize your WHOLE electric body, calm your nervous system, and raise your “voltage.”

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