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Explore Biofield Healings, Energy Meditations & Mantras to Uplevel Your Transformative Power

Discover the Power of Combining Sacred Knowledge with Scientific Biofield Practices

Join Dr. Shamini Jain, psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur to learn how you can bring deep healing into your body, your biofield, and your life. Discover Your Heart’s 4 Levels of Consciousness to Heal & Liberate Your Life: Explore Biofield Healings, Energy Meditations & Mantras to Uplevel Your Transformative Power. Post Views: 25

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Discover how rituals can reconnect you to hope, courage, and other people

Participate in a guided visualization to replace sorrow and fear with safety and solace

Discover how the power of rituals and creating your own can help you move beyond grief and detachment, allowing you to reconnect and ground yourself with the nourishing elements of this precious life Post Views: 61

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