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Experience the 3 Subtle Ayurvedic Essences to Radiate Love & Find Safety & Belonging with Katie Silcox

Activate Your Psychophysical Immunity with 3 Subtle Essences of Ayurveda

Join this unique experiential workshop & learn how you can metabolize anything that life throws your way by activating the three subtle essences of Ayurveda and the science-based health benefits they inspire. Post Views: 7

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Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Positivity, Healing & Successful Manifestation: How to Form New Neural Pathways That Override Self-Limiting Patterns & Create Lasting Change

Learn the Secret to Programming Positivity into Your Subconscious Mind

This is an opportunity to begin to learn simple, yet highly transformative techniques to change the nature of your subconscious mind — and life — in profound and lasting ways. Post Views: 20

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Explore a physiological approach to healing that alleviates stress, tension & trauma

Physiological Approach to Healing that Alleviates Stress, Tension & Trauma

Explore a simple physiological approach to healing that activates your body’s natural reflexes to alleviate deeply held stress, tension, and trauma — while bolstering your built-in capacity to regulate your own wellbeing. Post Views: 21

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