How to Unlock Your Inner Psychic Ability – Awaken Your Sixth Sense Practices

Create a soul-led psychic pathway to a ‘wide awake’ life of authenticity

Who do you truly want to be? And what’s stopping you?

Anyone who walks a spiritual path has faced or is facing those two questions.

According to Six Sensory consultant Sonia Choquette, the best and fastest way to discover the answers is to tune in to your intuition… your innate psychic ability.

Sonia, one of the world’s foremost authorities on intuitive awakening, affirms that if you truly want to reap all the benefits of living the life your soul desires, living by your intuition is a must.

If you’d like to access your intuitive, psychic abilities AND experience more clarity around your challenges, intentions, and desires, you’ll want to join us on Wednesday, June 5, when Sonia will share quick and simple ways to open to your innate psychic abilities during a FREE video event: Your 6th Sense Superpower: Discover Psychic Approaches to Greater Authenticity, Fulfillment & Joy.

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Unlocking Your 6th Sense Superpower Discovering Psychic Approaches to Greater Authenticity Fulfillment & Joy

During this complimentary hour, you’ll:

  • Learn the “language” of intuition — the difference between willful, wishful, and fearful thinking and true inner knowing

  • Discover how to use your intuition as a “truth serum” to inform and enliven your life

  • Gain insights into where you’re stuck in your life and how to get unstuck using your intuition

  • Discover simple practices for accessing your intuition and allowing in what you desire

  • Experience a guided practice for creating your own “personal room to breathe,” a space of clarity where your intuition can flourish

Tapping into your intuition or sixth sense can bring you healing — both emotional and physical — and is quite possibly one of the best things you can do for yourself, others, and our planet in these troubled times.

Let Sonia show you why your inner knowing is your true power — and the most authentic path to living a creative, fulfilled, and joyful life.

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If you’d like to step more fully into your intuitive powers and a more joyous, authentic, soul-led life, don’t miss Wednesday’s mini-workshop, Your 6th Sense Superpower: Discover Psychic Approaches to Greater Authenticity, Fulfillment & Joy.

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