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Holistic Practitioners Training How to Get new clients in uncertain times & Get people to book an appointment with you on the spot.

Learn How to Get New Clients in Uncertain Times & Get People to Book an Appointment on the Spot

In Create a Unique “What Do You Do” Statement That Gets You Clients: Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes in Describing Your Offerings, you’ll find out how you can attract new clientele with this heart-centered, proven approach that helps you and your business thrive. Post Views: 40

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Anodea Judith’s 7 Keys to Manifesting Through Your Chakras

Supercharge Your Chakra Practice Video-streamed seminar with Anodea Judith

During the Supercharge Your Chakra Practice seminar, world expert Anodea Judith will reveal techniques that can help you understand and work with your chakra system on a daily basis to supercharge your body with revitalizing life force energy. Post Views: 124

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