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Vocal Impulse

Spiritual Sound Practices that can deliver a message about your deepest calling

Experience the profoundly healing sound of your unique ‘vocal impulse’

Did you know that the sound of your voice has the power to transform painful emotions into a profound sense of inner freedom, love, and joy?

Yes, the sound of your voice can stir within you an impulse to heal and transform, personally and collectively.

In fact, simply saying or singing your name and listening to its vibration can help you connect with your unique “vocal impulse” and break through layers of defense that may have been blocked for years.

Shame, fear, and feelings of separation can fall away, making space for more joy and more love.

On Saturday, March 9, international singer, educator, voice pioneer, and author Chloë Goodchild will help you access your vocal impulse and the powerful music of your soul in a complimentary virtual event, Discover the Vocal Impulse of Your Soul: 3 Sound Empowerments to Embrace Your Vulnerability & Awaken Your True Calling.

>> Registration for this mini-workshop is free, so reserve your space now <<

Spiritual Sound Practices - Discover the Vocal Impulse of Your Soul

In this audibly healing one-hour virtual event, you’ll:

  • Discover how the vocal impulse awakens the Call of your Soul — through your unique voice 
  • Learn to befriend and transform painful emotions and past wounds with vocal sound practices 
  • Experience a guided practice to connect you with your unique vocal impulse 
  • Release the illusion that you “can’t sing,” and discover your voice (spoken and sung) as the muscle and mouthpiece of your soul 
  • Awaken to the miraculous ways that sound can activate transformative and compassionate communication 

“Your vocal impulse wants you to respond to your inner life and the world around you in new, compelling, maybe even unknown ways,” says Chloë.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to experience your unique “vocal impulse” to invoke, invite, initiate, inspire, and ultimately illuminate your way home… to the music of your soul!

>> RSVP for free here to this Live Event invitation <<

During Discover the Vocal Impulse of Your Soul: 5 Sound Empowerments to Embrace Your Vulnerability & Awaken Your True Calling, you’ll discover simple sound practices that allow you to feel or hear your voice within your emotional body… as a nonverbal sound, a recurring rhythm, a melody, or a message about your deepest calling.

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