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The Importance of Overcoming Procrastination + Black Friday offer

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Procrastination makes people feel elated initially. They don’t have to deal with a situation or task at that moment in time. But, for most of these situations, there will come a time when it needs to get done. The feeling of elation turns to panic. Then panic becomes a rush to figure out ways to handle the situation.

When you compare this to people who don’t procrastinate, they may not get that initial surge of elation. However, they also don’t have to worry about the panic setting in. All things being equal, these non-procrastinators will not be as stressed out.

It’s proven that stress can lead to disease. The resources that your body needs to fend off disease will be diverted to handling your stress. Short-term stress is not likely to impact health as much as stress that is constant. However, people who procrastinate do it with all (or most of) their tasks. Therefore, they are likely to be stressed out longer term. They are the ones more at risk of getting stress related disorders.

Procrastination can often impact others in the procrastinator’s social circle as well. For instance, your kids may be depending on you to fill out a form for them to go to away camp. If you miss the deadline, your kids won’t be able to go to camp. Most kids will not be happy with this outcome.

If you don’t learn to overcome procrastination at work, it could impact others in the organization. For example, if you are responsible for a certain aspect of a project and miss the deadline, it may cause others on the team to miss their deadlines. Be aware they will know you are the bottleneck. This puts you in an awkward position that could eventually lead to your dismissal.

Procrastination can cause you some financial pain. You may wait to the last minute to file your taxes. But, when you do so, you may not find the necessary information needed to reduce your tax liabilities. You will end up paying more than had you taken the time to look for all your legitimate deductions, etc.

If you are worried about not getting that initial surge of elation, just remember that the good feeling you get from handling your situations on time will last much longer. It lowers your stress and makes your friends and family happier with you. It does take some effort to break the bad habit of procrastination. But, it is entirely worth the effort.

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Is Procrastination Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?

Is Procrastination Keeping You From Achieving Your Goals?


What is it you are putting off? Is it dealing with your finances? How about a minor health problems (I’m talking about losing weight as opposed to having cancer)? What does your home look like? Is it warm and inviting? Is it somewhere you look forward to going to after a long days work? Sometimes it’s not writing a thank you note, or not acknowledging the death of the mother of a friend.

I think our intentions are good. It’s following through where we find the problem. And when we don’t follow through, we tend to feel bad. There is an empty hole inside of us that needs filling.

Part of the reason we put off dealing with our finances is because we really don’t want to face just how much money we are spending. So we go buy more stuff that we don’t need. We don’t feel like hanging out in our own homes because they are cluttered or messy or don’t reflect who “we” are.

We enjoy our comfort foods and our comfy couches and our remote control. Those stretch pants come in handy when your best friends are Ben & Jerry and a bag of chips & dip.

We have instant everything. Instant messaging, cellulars, computers, pagers. We can’t go anywhere without someone finding us, or us finding them. We enjoy instant gratification.

We also call psychics repeatedly to get that answer we want. I have news for you – the magic pill you are seeking is in your own hands. There is nothing wrong with talking to us, but overspending and calling different psychics over and over can be addictive.

If you need medical attention, get it immediately. Same goes for legal help, accounting help (before you know it, taxes will be due), etc.

Let’s start today. Fill that empty hole inside of you by taking one bite of that elephant. You can have all the technology in the world, but if you don’t have a feeling of self, you are not meeting the most important charity, community, spiritual work you’ll ever do – taking care of YOU.

This site is about taking care of us, individually and collectively. Procrastination is a sign of several things – among them fear and the need to be perfect. No one is asking you to be the best there is. All you need to do is be the best YOU can be.

If you need help getting on track, let’s start talking. That’s a sign of getting OUT of the procrastination mode and into living your life to the fullest. When you feel better about yourself and the steps you are taking, your life will fall into place. Oh you’ll still get surprises! Believe me! But you’ll be able to handle them if you know exactly what you owe, that your home is in order, that you’re feeling good about your self-image, and when you know you’ve done the best you could, regardless the situation.

Make the guilt go away. Get up and do something instead of moping around and feeling helpless. YOU CAN DO IT!! Don’t beat yourself up over what you haven’t done. Start today and do SOMETHING! Even if it’s just forgiving yourself for not being perfect. I guarantee that as you let go of the pain, the anger, the fear and the guilt, you will truly become the person you were meant to be.

We have to start some place. As a former boss said to me, every goal has a noun, a verb and a date: DO IT NOW!

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