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Bridging Ancient Mysticism & the Science of the Near-Death Experience to Feel Into Harmony, Connection & Wholeness with Eben Alexander and Karen Newell

Discover why an NDE can Open a Profound Window into Your Journey as a Soul

Be guided in a remote viewing session supported by theta sound waves to tap into Universal Consciousness, gain confidence in your intuition, and receive direct evidence of our connection with the cosmos. Post Views: 18

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Find Your Soul’s Voice & the Joy of Oneness: Explore Your Voice’s Vibrational Energy to Transform Difficult Emotions & Reveal Your Eternal Identity

Discover Powerful Vibrational Energy of Your Voice as Sound Medicine

Experience a guided visualization and sound-healing journey into the Cave of Your Soul to access the raw power of your true sound — and shift feelings of separateness into a comforting state of Oneness. Post Views: 4

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