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Deep Meditation Practice

Join Deep Meditation Practice – Next Level for Accelerated Awakening – Live Event

Navigate your life with more groundedness, presence, and clarity

What if you could experience a “next-level stage” of meditation — one that takes you directly into the heart of the Divine…

And what if this practice took you into more blissful and expansive states of awakening while also leading you to be more grounded, available, and effective in the world?

The good news is that such a path exists, AND it can be even more accelerated and powerful than the traditional contemplative path — if you know how to make your daily life a meditation and work with the natural rhythms of fiery engagement, calm witnessing, and deep restoration.

On Thursday, March 14, pioneering contemporary spiritual teacher and internationally renowned mystic Thomas Huebl will explain how to integrate deep spiritual openings into your daily life in a FREE virtual event: The Next Level of Meditation: Discover an Accelerated Path of Awakening & How to Navigate Common Pitfalls of the Advanced Seeker.

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Join pioneering contemporary spiritual teacher and internationally renowned mystic Thomas Huebl to learn how to integrate deep spiritual openings into your daily life in a FREE virtual event: The Next Level of Meditation: Discover an Accelerated Path of Awakening & How to Navigate Common Pitfalls of the Advanced Seeker

Thomas’s gentle, yet profound teachings help you integrate light and shadow, ascent and embodiment, inner exploration with full outer engagement and solo time with spiritual community — in one coherent dance of awakening.

During this free online event you’ll discover:

  • Practices that help expand the energy of your lower energy centers for more stability as you open to the “heights” of realization

  • How to navigate shadow material that invariably arises in your practice

  • The potential to work with collective fields of karma, energy, and intention

  • How to metabolize and transform karma

  • How to remedy becoming ungrounded, vague, and unfocused

  • The importance of embodiment and relationships in the next level of meditation

You’ll love how Thomas navigates advanced realms of spiritual mastery while also showing up in a delightfully warm, transparent, and brotherly way. He embodies the best of modern-day enlightenment through deep thinking, clear seeing, and remaining heartfully accessible.

So, if you’re ready to expand your conscious capacity for higher insight, communion and realization while navigating your daily life with increased presence, focus, and clarity, do join us!

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In The Next Level of Meditation: Discover an Accelerated Path of Awakening & How to Navigate Common Pitfalls of the Advanced Seekeryou’ll discover how to expand your capacity to open to higher states of awareness through meditation and prayer AND by increasing your groundedness in everyday experiences.

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Deep Meditation Music for Troubled Individuals

discover how to meditate

Many forms of meditation are applicable to many situations. If you’re a music lover, then perhaps you might want to try meditation music. In fact, as a human being, you can be compared to musical instruments because you can hum, sing, whistle, and make other pleasing and expressive sounds. Every person’s musical experience is often described with words like harmony, flow, stimulate, healing, in trance, in tune, uplift, and many others. When you express yourself through musical sounds, something unusual is happening inside your system.

Numerous distractions bombard individuals as they go through their daily lives like noise pollution, social melodrama, stress of daily commute, tedium of work, and a lot more. Life today is considered fast-paced because of a lot of new technological advancements, and therefore, people suffer from continuing stress. You can’t focus on your work effectively because your mind is already overloaded, uninspired, and burnt out. This results to a creativity block that can bring hopelessness to a person. But here’s the good news, there is a way to combat and cope with this kind of situation and that is through deep meditation music.

Where can you find such music? If you have no idea, then it would be better to ask the help of someone with knowledge about music meditation. On the net, you can find several sites that provide pre-recorded programs on music meditation.

It was only after 1973 when music was used for meditation. All the programs make use of the binaural technology. Through this technology, the brainwave frequencies (right and left hemispheres) are synchronized.

Through the deep meditation music, the brain can create fresh neural pathways. By doing so, the maximum potential of your mind is tapped at a shorter time. Usual meditation practices take longer periods but with music, you can find increased intelligence, inner peace, and reduction of stress.

Different goals and needs can be met by the wide choices of programs available. The specific program should be used to address a certain need/goal since programs vary in their brainwaves; and this is necessary to get the preferred effects.

Meditation music can benefit a lot of individuals. In fact, some specialists recommend deep meditation music as a form of therapy to address certain problems like that of stress-related illnesses. Many people are actually using this very effective tool and they are amazed and pleased with the results. They are able to achieve personal growth as they continue listening to meditation music.

If you’re suffering from extreme stress, or if you’re always unfocused, burnt out, and uninspired, it wouldn’t hurt to try meditation music. This is already accepted in our society today and many doctors are now recommending such therapy. If your medications seem to have no effect at all, then it would be best to start with music therapy. This is a very good form of meditation. It relaxes your mind, as well as your soul.

Online or offline, there are a lot of resources that you can use to help you in finding the perfect meditation music suited for your situation. Get family and friends to help, or even your officemates. Better yet, consult your doctor or a specialist who knows a great deal about meditation music. You will soon realize that you’re slowly recovering from your problems.

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