How to Create New Neural Pathways Through Energy Medicine Practices

Energy Healing Practices for Spontaneous Transformation - How to Release Negative Beliefs & Heal Emotional Patterns

Experience how to quickly release negative beliefs and heal old emotional patterns

You’ve likely experienced powerful healing through gifted practitioners and modalities like EMDR, cranial sacral work, and Reiki.

But what if YOU could spontaneously transform emotional patterns that have wielded tremendous influence over your life — warping your beliefs, laying the groundwork for dis-ease, and limiting your capacity to access your authenticity, soul gifts, and joy?

On Wednesday, September 4, internationally acclaimed healer and author Jennifer McLean will share specific energy-healing practices designed to help you directly address and dissolve energy blocks — at the moment you’re feeling triggered and reactive…

Join us here for Energy Healing Practices for Spontaneous Transformation: Discover How to Release Negative Beliefs & Heal Emotional Patterns (in the Moment!)

Energy Healing Practices for Spontaneous Transformation - How to Release Negative Beliefs & Heal Emotional Patterns

In this powerful FREE video event, you’ll discover:

  • Breakthrough insights into the role that energy healing plays in shifting your neuro-pathways, and into the warped beliefs and perceptions we hold about ourselves and the world
  • A powerful energy healing to transform a lifelong pattern held in your body and subconscious mind 
  • How unblocked energy can liberate your authentic nature, create vibrant health, and give you a deeper connection with your soul 
  • The key to unwinding old patterns in the moment they’re activated — and shifting into a higher frequency of consciousness 
  • How to clear your channel to Divine guidance so you can make clear, empowered decisions   

As Jennifer says, “Fear, obsessive thinking, and judgement are your soul’s way of telling you, It’s time to heal.”

So don’t miss the opportunity to discover how shifting these old patterns held in your neural physiology can create new neural pathways, and move traumatic memories that are still causing you upset into a new part of the brain, where they no longer stimulate reactivity and stress.

>> You can RSVP for free here to this Live event (get recording) <<

In this special hour with Jennifer McLean, you’ll discover how you can create new neural pathways — through proven energy-medicine practices that connect you with your authentic nature and soul gifts — so you can experience profound shifts in your health AND spontaneous transformation.

You won’t want to miss this life-enhancing hour!

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