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Discover the Holographic Enneagram A Multidimensional Map for Holistic Transformation

Discover Multidimensional Approach to Human Psyche Map – Enneagram

During Discover the Holographic Enneagram, Jessica Dibb’s unique comprehensive approach will open you to wholeness, consciousness, and awakening through the multidimensional guidance of the Enneagram — from personality to the Higher Realizations that dwell in the territory beyond your type… Post Views: 44

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How to Become the Messenger You are Meant to Be - 3 Keys to Break Through Your Fears & Surrender to Your Calling

How to Know if You’re a Messenger with a Unique Message to Share with the World

During How to Become the Messenger You’re Meant to Be: 3 Keys to Break Through Your Fears & Surrender to Your Calling, Tim Kelley will share a practice to help you connect with your Higher Guidance, so you can uncover the exact message that only you can share with the world. Post Views: 57

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