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Learn to navigate the LSD-amplified state with focused intent and clear recall, Chris shattered boundary after boundary until, bathed in cosmic love, he was carried into the hyper-clear perfection and ecstasy of the realm he calls the Diamond Luminosity.

Join us in Transformative Journey into the Cosmic Mind Through Psychedelics

Delve into how the Creative Intelligence of the Universe is shaping our individual and collective destiny so you can leave your existential fears behind and live with greater joy and intention. See disclaimer attached related to psychedelics. Post Views: 27

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How to Honor Your Empathic Gifts by Shifting Over-Sensitivity Into Powerful Intuition with Wendy De Rosa

Honor Your Empathic Gifts by Shifting Over-sensitivity into Powerful Intuition

Experience a guided practice to soothe and clear your throat chakra — the portal to energetic and spiritual blocks — so you can maintain stronger energetic boundaries and connect with your deepest truth Post Views: 13

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Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Positivity, Healing & Successful Manifestation: How to Form New Neural Pathways That Override Self-Limiting Patterns & Create Lasting Change

Learn the Secret to Programming Positivity into Your Subconscious Mind

This is an opportunity to begin to learn simple, yet highly transformative techniques to change the nature of your subconscious mind — and life — in profound and lasting ways. Post Views: 25

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