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Winter Solstice Event Global United Consciousness Healing Manifestation Prosperity Freedom

Come Standstill for the Winter Solstice – Together We Are Stronger!

December 17 – 21, dozens of community leaders will come together in front of an audience of over 100,000. All soul tribe. All ready to discuss health freedom, lawful solutions, unschooling, prosperity, homestead farming, and more. Join us now! Post Views: 25

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Learn how to transform the way you think, eat, and live, with plant-powered expert and best-selling author John Robbins in the free Food

Revealed: The Truth about Food, Nutrition & Diets – Little Change to Healthy Thrive

Ever heard of Baskin-Robbins? John Robbins left his family’s ice cream empire to become one of the leaders of the modern health food movement. In this Masterclass, he’ll share his incredible story and give you top tips distilled from decades of research. Watch four big lies about today’s food & diets revealed. Post Views: 29

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