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Discover the power of a near-death experience — where spirituality and science meet

What Happens After Death? Explore Comforting Lessons of Near-death (NDE) Experience

In The Near-Death Experience –– Where Spirituality & Science Meet: Ease Your Fear of Death, Open to Love & Live Life Fully, Dr. Eben Alexander, the bestselling author of Proof of Heaven, will be sharing evidence that we are not alone when we die… and that unconditional love is the binding force of the universe. […]

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Sound Healing Summit August 3-7,2020

Must Watch Sound Healing Summit Aug. 3-7 Revitalize Yourself through Vibrational Medicine

Whether you’re ready to discover the ideal daily sound-healing practice for you, tap into the acoustical energies of the biofield, or learn how the alchemy of crystal singing bowls can shift your consciousness, you’ll deepen your knowledge of healing practices that address your wellbeing in a truly holistic way, impacting each part of your life. […]

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